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The Industry

Image Credit: Filmmakers Europe

The Agreement Will Provide New Opportunities for Members Across Europe

In a landmark initiative to connect the performing arts across Europe, Spotlight and Filmmakers Europe, the pre-eminent casting platform in the EU, have announced an official partnership.

A new cross-platform integration will enable actors to gain a wider visibility amongst the leading casting professionals across Europe, breaking down the barriers to casting opportunities across the continent, while promoting regional autonomy and diversity. 

Spotlight and Filmmakers will share details of a trial profile-sharing period for members of both platforms shortly, whilst working together on new, exciting initiatives such as sharing of breakdowns and integrative access for agents and casting directors. 

“This integration with Filmmakers represents a huge leap forward in our mission to create a more inclusive and extensive casting environment. We are proud to offer our members the chance to be seen by a larger audience, and we eagerly anticipate the creative connections that will result from this partnership.” Matt Hood, Spotlight’s Managing Director 

“Spotlight is the benchmark in casting-systems. Being able to provide our actors access to Spotlight and thus visibility in the vibrant UK and Irish markets, the bridgehead to the US, this is a thrilling development. Together we will empower actors, agents and casting directors alike. In current times, we are proud to be involved in such a ‘European’ development.” Dr. David Zitzlsperger, Filmmakers Europe’s Managing Director 

“As an American casting director based in Italy and Germany and active all across Europe, I use Filmmakers and Spotlight every single day. This cooperation will drastically simplify things for actors, agents and casting directors, especially in international productions. I expect the platforms to put users at the heart of this development and continue to be reliable partners in these vastly changing times ahead.” Cassandra Han, casting director, CSA, ICDA, BVC 

“The German Actors Union (BFFS) feels confident that the cooperation of Spotlight and Filmmakers will facilitate the way professional actors and actresses present themselves. The partnership of the two leading European casting systems is a huge step towards a more inclusive and more European industry.” Beka Bediana, Actor, Member of the Board of BFFS 

“The VDA (Association of German Agencies) welcomes this promising co-operation. As the internationalisation of film and television projects continues to advance, we expect and look forward to being able to present our acting clients professionally at home and abroad. As a long-standing partner of Filmmakers, it is also in our interest to support this development.” Ulrich Meinhard, Agent, Chairman of the VDA

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