We got it wrong, and we're really sorry

On Thursday one of the Casting Directors who use Spotlight’s platform published a casting call – or a “breakdown” as they’re known in the trade – on our platform which absolutely did not meet our high standards but nevertheless slipped through the net. When our attention was drawn to this we were slow to take action and even then the steps we initially took fell far short of what is expected of us by Spotlight members, Casting Directors and our own team.

Breakdowns like this are, quite simply, totally unacceptable and we should never have allowed it to be published. However, it was published, and when we were told about it we should have taken it down immediately rather than try to amend it to be more acceptable. We did eventually sort things out but we know this should never have happened in the first place and we apologise unreservedly that it did.

We’re committed to giving all Spotlight members the very best service we can, and that includes making sure that every single Spotlight member and Casting Director can feel that they’re treated with respect and dignity. On this occasion we failed to meet our own standards and we’ll be conducting a full review to make sure we get it right in the future.

We made a serious error and we should have done much, much better. We’re sorry.   

Published: 10 August 2019