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Terms and Conditions

  • This card may only be used by the authorised signatory.
  • This card is the property of Spotlight.
  • This card may only be used in accordance with the instructions accompanying each discount or offer. 
  • The signature on the reverse of the card must be that of the Spotlight member whose name appears on the front of the card.
  • The Spotlight card is issued to adult members only. It is not available to children & young performers.
  • A company offering a discount does not constitute an offer by Spotlight to sell any product, but an invitation to make an offer.
  • As the contract for the product is between you and the supplier, queries or concerns relating to the product should be addressed to them in the first instance.
  • Spotlight does not take responsibility for any of the products or services listed on this page
  • Listings on this page are not an endorsement of the products and services concerned
  • If you do have any complaints about a company listed here, please get in touch on and we will endeavour to help you.