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Spotlight Studios

Spotlight spaces are flexible, private rooms set up to host auditions, rehearsals, production meetings and more. These spaces are designed to hold up to fifty people and can be outfitted with a range of equipment and services to meet your unique needs. Download our Triple A Performer Access Pack for more information about our support for neurodivergent colleagues and guests here.


Spotlight studios are purpose built for castings, designed to allow you to cast your project as efficiently as possible. All available services are included in studio hire, excluding catering.


Visit us 16 Garrick Street, London WC2E 9BA.


We also offer a digital casting service for our casting subscribers – find out more here.


Studio 1
Medium Dry Hire - £185 Half Day/£295 Full Day*
Studio 2
Small Dry Hire - £140 Half Day/£245 Full Day*
Studio 3
Medium Dry Hire - £185 Half Day/£295 Full Day*
Studio 4
Large Dry Hire - £225 Half Day/£345 Full Day*
Studio 5
Wet Hire Studio - £145 per hour*
Studio 6
Wet Hire Studio - £145 per hour*
Studio 7
Wet Hire Studio - £145 per hour*
* Listed prices are exclusive of VAT

Sony HD camera
Adjustable lighting
18% grey backdrops
Acoustically balanced space

Reception service
Camera operator
Link to digital and printable Spotlight profiles
Catering (additional cost)
Digital paperwork system, headsheets, photos and declaration forms
Casting webpage to view clips and stills online
HD file downloads
Free HD Skype