Spotlight Rooms - Upload Service

Check our availability for uploading - We guarantee to upload your footage by the end of the next working day. *Subject to availability and upon request*

  • We can upload from video file
  • We'll capture the footage, divide by performer and take and upload. An upload of selected performers and takes is also available upon request *
  • We'll upload it to a secure casting website where clips can be viewed with Flash player and downloaded as .mp4 video files
  • We'll charge for our technician's time:
    • 100 for a half day room booking (10:00-13:30/14:00-17:30) or 200 for a full day room booking (10:00-17:30) recorded onto memory card

*Uploading (especially that of selected performers) is much quicker and easier if every performer is slated and footage is accompanied with a running list including time codes or chapters when necessary.


Reception area at Spotlight Rooms

Sinclair Room at Spotlight Rooms