Check my JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language built into most web browsers. Without Javascript, all our website can do is show you pages and let you fill out forms. Javascript lets us use rich features like drop-down menus and alert boxes, which mean you're not always waiting for pages to load from our server every time you click a button or fill in a form.

A few years ago, there were security concerns about allowing websites to use Javascript; these concerns have been addressed in almost all modern Web browser software. Some of our advanced online tools, like the Spotlight CV Editor and Spotlight casting services, rely on Javascript extensively, so we strongly recommend that you enable Javascript in your browser before using the Spotlight web site.

Examples of JavaScript-based features on the Spotlight web site include:

  • The "Are you sure?" boxes that you get when you try to delete breakdowns or shortlists
  • Drop-down menu boxes (try clicking on 'About Us' or 'What We Do' above)
  • The "advanced view" feature when viewing suggestions in the Spotlight Link

If Javascript isn't working on your computer, you might find areas of our site don't work correctly, or certain options are unavailable. If your computer fails either of the tests below, you will need to adjust your settings to make sure Javascript is enabled and working properly - this is usually just a tick box in your settings or Internet Options for your browser. For detailed instructions please see your browser documentation or Help pages.

Basic Javascript check:
Advanced Javascript check:

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