Check my Pop-ups

Spotlight uses pop-up windows for several things, including:

  • Showreels, portfolios and voice clips on multimedia CVs
  • Editing and adding credits when updating your CV

Press the button below to check that pop-ups are working properly on your computer.

Test #1: Pop-ups from a button:

Test #2: Pop-ups from a link: Open Pop-up #2

Test #3: Pop-ups when submitting a form:

Test #4: Pop-ups when loading a window:

If nothing happens...

  • Make sure Javascript is enabled (see our JavaScript test page)
  • Make sure you're not running a pop-up blocker - in particular, the Google toolbar includes a pop-up blocking system that has been known to cause problems on our site.
  • If you're running a tabbed browser (like Firefox, Opera or Camino), make sure you're not accidentally opening pop-ups on a new tab.

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