Marketing Privacy Policy

Marketing privacy notice

Our communications are specially crafted just for you and are packed with news and content from across the industry. We believe this information will be both informative and useful (why else would we write them!) and we would be delighted if you would like to receive them. We also love to invite you along to carefully created events we put together on our own or with our partners, or seek your opinion and advice about things we are doing or plan to do. However, we will only send you what to want to receive.

This is because we know that not everyone wants to receive this type of information, and therefore we have introduced our new subscription centre where you can control what you do and don’t want to receive from us.

How to subscribe

To get great articles and advice delivered directly to your inbox or phone, please select which communications you would like to receive from us by checking the boxes in the subscription centre. We have brought forward any existing preferences from our old systems so what you see below is what you currently receive from us.

How you can change your preferences

If at any time you change your mind, you can amend your preferences – and we will continually remind you of how you can do this so you can make sure you only receive the information important to you.

Important information we must send you

Please note that this does not affect the customer service communications which we will need to send to you relating to your membership with Spotlight, and from time to time we may need to contact you via email, phone or text message to provide important service or account updates and information.

How we use and secure your information

To find out more about how we use and secure your information and your rights of access with this information, please check out our Privacy Policy: