US Breakdown Guidelines

By selecting to send your breakdown to the North American regions, your project will be forwarded to Spotlight's partner organisation in the US, Breakdown Services.

Breakdown Services requires certain information to be provided. To ensure there are no delays distributing your project in North America, please ensure it contains the following information:

  • Full production details:
    • the company
    • producer
    • director
    • dates
    • location
    • For theatre projects, give the name of the venue.
  • Pay rate or union equivalent for each role: this usually means specifying the union contract or minimum rate of pay in US dollars. If the project will be run under union jurisdiction, specify which union and whether Global Rule One applies to US SAG-AFTRA actors. For more information on Global Rule One, see

Please also note the following conditions:

  • Performers' travel and accommodation expenses must be paid.
  • Breakdowns for theatre projects running less than three weeks cannot be sent.

To view the submissions made by North American agents, you will need to sign in to Breakdown Services. Once your project has been sent, Breakdown Services will contact you with details of how to view and manage these submissions.

Failure to ensure the above points are met may result in your breakdown not being sent out.