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Movement Director Kane Husbands led a practical workshop at Spotlight’s Open House week, exploring the many ways theatre artists may audition actors for more physical roles, from physical creative improvisation tasks to learning moments of choreography.

Kane is the Artistic Director of The PappyShow, a physical and visual theatre company specialising in movement, choreography and training. He choreographed the Team Welcome Ceremonies at the 2012 Olympics and directed for the Commonwealth Games. He has worked internationally in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. He has worked with Sheffield Crucible Theatre, National Theatre, Old Vic New Voices, Tricycle Theatre, Midlands Arts Centre, Rose Bruford College, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and is an active Associate for the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. Currently, he is Movement Director for National Theatre Scotland’s production of ‘RocketPost’.

 Inspired by Kane? Check out The PappyShow’s two day intensive course.