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To demonstrate the VoiceQuality© system, we have taken eight male voice clips from our website and classified them below.

Click on the icon against any name to listen to a voice clip.

Please note that, for the purposes of this demonstration, the descriptions apply solely to the voice-clips featured here.

VoiceQuality© Samples - Female

Ruthie Henshall (Melodious, Engaging)Rowena Cooper (Low, Authoritative)
Carrie Cohen (Warm, Earthy)

VoiceQuality© Samples - Male

Peter Cellier (Deep, Precise)Jon Glover (Gentle, Engaging)
Stephen Greif (Gravelly, Assured)Jonathan Pryce (Quavering, Serious)
Shane Richie (Gravelly, Cheerful)Stephen Tompkinson (Warm, Sympathetic)