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One-on-One Career Advice for Young Performers and Parents.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or feel the need for a ‘refresher chat’, Spotlight career advice sessions for young performers and their parents are your opportunity to have a 20-minute appointment to discuss your performing career.

We have one-to-one sessions for young performers and parents with Ellie Samuels. She is on hand to answer any questions you might have about your career as a younger performer or for parents with children looking to make their name in the performing arts. Sessions with Ellie are available on zoom or over the phone.

Anything is up for discussion, including photos, profiles, showreels, casting directors and agents (however, it is not possible for us to recommend agents).

This is a free service, inclusive of Spotlight Young Performer membership and available only to members.

How to Book Career Advice Sessions

To book into one of these sessions as a young performer or parent please sign up for the Young Performer newsletter in your Spotlight account settings. Career Advice Sessions will be advertised in the monthly newsletter you’ll receive in your inbox you’ve registered your Spotlight account with and you can book by clicking the link within it and following the instructions.

Please be aware that we have limited space on our Spotlight Career Advice Sessions. Therefore, members are limited to one session a year, this means that we can offer this service to as many members as possible.

If the slots have all gone, please place yourself on the waitlist as some sessions do become available last minute.

About Ellie Samuels

Ellie is the dedicated account manager for young performers. She trained at the Guildford School of Acting and her extensive experience in the industry – as a performer in musical theatre, a jazz teacher at Pineapple Dance Studios and being part of the Spotlight team since 2003 – makes her the ideal person to guide you on the ins and outs of the acting industry, from the casting process itself and refining your Spotlight profile, to the importance of cultivating a strong relationship with your agent.

Advice Session Testimonials

“I think these sessions are ideal, especially for young performers who live outside of London to get hints and tips on how to make the most of your Spotlight profile.’

“As a parent I found the session to be informative, responsive, practical and provided very good advice and suggestions about the next step.”

“Ellie was truly marvellous and had so much knowledge to share with me. I feel like she really gave me the next steps to take in order to enhance my profile and career. Couldn’t recommend enough! Thank you, Ellie, really appreciate your time.”

“Ellie was very helpful and informative, she helped us to understand how things work in the industry and gave some very good advice. Thank you!”