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A casting director reads a script. A casting director reads a script.

Our greatest talent is helping you find yours

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Find the perfect cast for your projects every time. Access our vetted roster of top performers from around the world, backed by our Spotlight stamp of approval.

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How Spotlight works for you

Find the right performer feature.
Find the right performer

With access to over 65,000 of the best professional performers and agencies from the UK and around the world, we’ll help you find the right person for every role you cast.

Your casting, your choice feature.
Your casting, your choice

Use our flexible tools to search, browse or request submissions from agents or performers from all over the world, on any device, wherever you are.

Expert advice and support feature.
Expert advice and support

Our experienced team are on call to guide you through the casting process. Regular industry news, advice and events will help you to expand your network.

Custom-designed casting spaces feature.
Custom-designed casting spaces

Our spaces and studios have been created to make the casting process as effective as possible, located right in the heart of the West End.

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Learn more about our payment plans below. If you want more info on casting your project on Spotlight, please contact our dedicated team on casting@spotlight.com

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Three months: £105.00 + VAT per user

One month: £70.00 + VAT per user

Whether you're working on large projects or smaller jobs, our short term plans offer you the flexibility to access Spotlight when you need it
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Two years: £412.50 + VAT

One year: £245.00 + VAT

Our one and two year plans offer the best value for all of Spotlight’s casting services, and allow you long term access to our services.
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