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Boost Events

Spotlight Boost events are ticketed workshops open to all (including those who are not Spotlight members). These events are designed to educate and train performers in all aspects of our ever-changing industry.

These workshops are a separate offering to our Open House events for current members which will remain a part of our membership benefits. 

Boost sessions will take place in our brand new studios (which are now accessible from street level to the 3rd floor where our events take place).

These events are ticketed and priced individually, depending on session length and skill level. 

Before booking please note:

  • These events require a 72 hour (3-working days) cancellation for full refund. This must be done through the Eventbrite ticket refund process here.

  • All workshops are for educational purposes and do not constitute any type of formal interview or audition. These are not designed for competitive advantage.

  • Spotlight T&C’s and Privacy Policy

Upcoming Workshops

Previous workshops

Spotlight Boost: Chubbuck Technique Two-Day Acting Masterclass

Spotlight Boost: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries

Spotlight Boost: Chubbuck Technique Two-Day Acting Masterclass

Spotlight Boost: Accent Introductions: General American

Spotlight Boost: How To Be An Actor When You’re Not Acting

Spotlight Boost: Working with Directors

Spotlight Boost: Puppetry

Spotlight Boost: Intro to Accents

Spotlight Boost: An Introduction to Audiobook and Character Voice Creation

Spotlight Boost: An Introduction to Commercial VO and Voiceover Reel