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Workshop Rental Library

Here you will find recordings of previous online workshops that were free for members to attend live as part of membership which we have recorded so that you can rent whenever you wish, giving you the chance to watch (and rewatch) at your own pace!

Prefer to attend the workshops live? Don’t worry, this library is in addition to our ongoing free Zoom Workshops that are free for members to attend.

Prices vary depending on the skill level and length of the session but each will be available for 1 year after purchase. Rental fees cover the facilitators for their intellectual property, Vimeo costs and the management of the offering by Spotlight.

We’ve curated a mix of sessions across different disciplines and to keep your performer toolkit up-to-date. Sessions will be continuously added when possible so do check back regularly.

To watch, simply click on the link below and you will be taken to the library’s Vimeo page. There you can find out more about the sessions available, watch their trailer and purchase workshops.

You will need to create a free Vimeo account to purchase and store your workshops.

The recorded sessions may have participants taking part in the workshop. When taking part, attendees were notified of the recording and agreed to the usage of the video and recordings when booking. Should you feature in a video and wish for your part to be removed please do let us know by emailing marketing@spotlight.com.