Spotlight published the first edition of the iconic Contacts Handbook in 1947. Over the next 100+ editions it became the go-to book for anyone working, or wanting to work, in the UK entertainment industry. Featuring listings and adverts for companies, services and individuals across all branches of Television, Stage, Film and Radio it has been the industry ‘address book’ for decades.

Now an online only, google optimised resource, it still gives users thousands of fully searchable and comprehensive listings which can also be found by location.

How do I promote my services in Contacts? 

Contacts allows you to connect with more than 65,000 Spotlight members from the established, to up-and-coming actors and young performers across all areas of the industry, thousands of top agents and the cream of UK casting professionals as well as anyone who is interested in a career in entertainment.

A basic listing is FREE and will get you started but if you want to publish more information and boost your search results then an enhanced listing is for you.

What are the benefits of an enhanced listing and how much does it cost?

For £480 per year (inc VAT) you will get:

* content written and scheduled by Spotlight. Brand new listings only, trial period

What do users search for?

Popular searches include:

How do I book an enhanced listing?

Our sales partners Crimson Publishing Services can be reached on 020 8840 2537 or [email protected]