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An actor looks at the Spotlight app on a tablet device. An actor looks at the Spotlight app on a tablet device.

The best way for talent agents to find acting roles for their clients


With the latest opportunities sent straight to your inbox, Spotlight is the best way to find roles for your clients and connect with top casting directors in television, film, theatre and beyond.

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How Spotlight works for you

Promoting your clients feature.
Promoting your clients

When your clients join Spotlight they’ll get a shareable online profile, which can also be discovered by casting directors looking for specific skills and characteristics.

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Submitting for roles

Easily submit your clients for roles directly through Spotlight’s breakdowns.

Expert advice and support feature.
Expert advice and support

Our experienced team is on call to guide you through the entire casting process, including regular industry news, advice and events to help you to expand your network.

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Help and support for all your queries! Read more here.

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Give your clients the best representation with Spotlight

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