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A young performer reads from a script. A young performer reads from a script.

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Spotlight Graduates are open.


The Spotlight Graduate membership is our unique discounted membership tailored especially for students in their final year of study, and is the stamp of approval you need to begin promoting yourself as a professional performer.


Please note that not all schools are eligible for the Graduate membership. Scroll down to find out more about our eligibility requirements.

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Your Spotlight profile

Present yourself to the industry with your Spotlight profile, including a ‘Graduate’ tag that casting professionals can search for when they’re looking for the freshest new talent. Receive role breakdowns from casting professionals worldwide and apply for roles across theatre, film and television.

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Development and Events

Our tailored articles, videos and event programme will help you meet industry experts and other performers so you can continue developing your skills, wherever you’re based.

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Everything you need to know about a career in the entertainment industry. Check our comprehensive listings for agents and casting directors within the industry as well as specific industry services.

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Exclusive savings from high-street retailers and services for professional performers, all because you’re a member of Spotlight!

FAQs for Graduates

Help and support for all your queries! Read more here.

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Member Assistance Programme

Health and Wellbeing support provided in partnership with Health Assured for members aged 18+ and residing in the UK and Ireland.
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Spotlight Graduates for 2023/24 is now open

Your Spotlight membership costs £121.20 or €141 for the year.

Graduate Course Criteria

Membership Criteria - Experience
New graduate courses on the Spotlight graduate membership need to meet a certain criteria in order to be accepted.

For new courses to meet our criteria they must be at the level of RQF 6/SCQF 9.


Outlined below are some of the key requirements that these courses need to meet in order for their students to qualify for this membership.


  • Vocational training courses for performers – practical rather than theoretical.
  • Equivalent to RQF 6/SCQF 9 or above qualification issued by a recognised body
  • Contact hours in excess of 30 hours per week
  • No more than 22 students in a class, and 30 weeks in a year of instruction
  • Courses that offer a professional showcase opportunity, attended by industry
  • Courses that offer professional development programme with industry engagement
  • Access to professional facilities
  • Clear commitments on safeguarding, bullying and harassment, and diversity


This criteria is also endorsed by Equity UK. 

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