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Woman pulling a yellow suitcase through an airport
Making the Most of Your Spotlight Discounts
How Spotlight members can use Spotlight Discounts to save money on everyday things. Life is expensive, right? That’s why, as a Spotlight member, I always try to use Spotlight Discounts as regularly as possible to save myself money on lifestyle necessities and luxurious treats. If I need to book insurance, go out somewhere fun for […]
Yasemin Junqueira performing a monologue on stage at the Spotlight Prize 2023
Into the Spotlight: Monologue Competition

Win a year’s Spotlight membership, £150 worth of self-tape equipment and a career advice session. Our Into the Spotlight competition is back with a brand new theme and a brand-new award winning judge!  This time, we want to see monologues or self-taped scenes – it’s completely up to you what you enter! What’s the Theme? […]

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The Industry
Timothy Spall in 'The Sixth Commandment' sitting in front of a book shelf looking suspicious
BAFTA TV Awards 2024 – Winners Announced

‘Happy Valley’, ‘Top Boy’ and ‘The Sixth Commandment’ among the winners at the BAFTA TV Awards 2024. The winners of the BAFTA TV Awards 2024 with P&O Cruises have now been announced. The awards, which recognise television stars and shows for their achievements over the past year, took place at the Royal Festival Hall. Comedy […]

casting directors
The nominees of the Spotlight Prize 2023 lined up on stage extending their arm
Finalists Announced for the Spotlight Prize 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the finalists for the Spotlight Prize 2024! Since its introduction in the 50s, the Spotlight Prize has given graduates the chance to establish their careers in front of industry professionals.  Over 70 drama schools and universities were invited to nominate a student from their graduating class, who then submitted a self-tape […]

The Industry
Nadia Nadarajah playing Celia in 'As You Like It' at Shakespeare's Globe, using sign language on stage
Working in the Arts as a Deaf Performer

The triumphs and challenges of working as a deaf actor, and the importance of deaf representation in the performing arts. My name is Nadia Nadarajah, and I have over 16 years of acting experience in theatre, American TV series, short films and a mockumentary. I’m a fully deaf BSL user and I very rarely use […]

first person
The Essentials
Casting directors networking with each other at the Spotlight Prize 2023
How Do Casting Directors Find Performers?

How the casting directors of ‘Starlight Express’ and ‘Sister Boniface Mysteries’ use Spotlight to find performers and their other methods. As a performer, you only see one side of the casting process. You or your agent submits you for a role and if you’re right for the part, you’ll send a self-tape or attend an […]

casting directors
spotlight prize
The Essentials
Female financial manager giving advice to a couple
Financial Guidance for Actors

Advice from industry professionals on agent fees, invoicing and tax for actors. As a performing artist, it’s your responsibility to manage your business. Sharpening your script analysis and attending auditions is one thing, but developing your financial understanding is equally essential for your career. Things like accounting, filling out self-employed tax forms and negotiating agent […]