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The Spotlight Podcast
An actress staring at a wall to calm herself down while preparing for a performance
The Spotlight Podcast: Getting Into Drama School
What you need to know before applying for drama school, including different types of training, advice for auditioning and the importance of inclusivity. In the first episode of this two-part instalment of The Spotlight Podcast, we talk to Charleen Qwaye (Co-founder and Director of Training, Fourth Monkey), Stewart Nicholls (BA Musical Theatre Programme Leader, Guildford […]
drama school
young performers
The Essentials
An actor with headphones in staring upwards as he prepares for his performance.
Inspiration for Becoming an Actor

Our Spotlight Prize 2023 nominees and winners share their motivation for becoming an actor and what first inspired them. Being an actor is one of the most challenging professions to pursue. You have to deal with countless rejections, never knowing when you’ll get your next role and usually work a side job to keep your […]

spotlight prize
Actors waiting for an audition in the Spotlight studios
Spotlight Pilots New Studio Access Pack

Announcing our new partnership with Triple ‘A’ Performer and the launch of the Studio Access Pack for Neurodivergent performers. Attending an audition can be a daunting experience for any actor, but especially for neurodivergent performers. Their access needs aren’t always thought about in the casting process. Not knowing things like the lightness of the room […]

Young Performers
A pirate ship lifting up from the sea while someone jumps onto it from a cliff in 'Peter Pan & Wendy'
My Casting Story: Noah Matthews Matofsky in Disney’s ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

Young performer Noah Matthews Matofsky on playing ‘Slightly’ in Disney’s ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ and how his mum and agent have supported him on his journey. Spotlight member Noah Matthews Matofsky accomplished every young performer’s dream when he was cast in a Disney film. Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy, a live-action adaptation of the classic […]

casting news
Yasemin Junqueira performing a monologue on stage at the Spotlight Prize 2023
Into the Spotlight: Competition

Win a year’s Spotlight membership, £150 worth of self-tape equipment and a career advice session. Our Into the Spotlight competition is back with a brand new theme and a brand-new award winning judge!  This time, we want to see monologues or self-taped scenes – it’s completely up to you what you enter! What’s the Theme? […]

musical theatre
Woman pulling a yellow suitcase through an airport
Making the Most of Your Spotlight Discounts

How Spotlight members can use Spotlight Discounts to save money on everyday things. Life is expensive, right? That’s why, as a Spotlight member, I always try to use Spotlight Discounts as regularly as possible to save myself money on lifestyle necessities and luxurious treats. If I need to book insurance, go out somewhere fun for […]

The Industry
Timothy Spall in 'The Sixth Commandment' sitting in front of a book shelf looking suspicious
BAFTA TV Awards 2024 – Winners Announced

‘Happy Valley’, ‘Top Boy’ and ‘The Sixth Commandment’ among the winners at the BAFTA TV Awards 2024. The winners of the BAFTA TV Awards 2024 with P&O Cruises have now been announced. The awards, which recognise television stars and shows for their achievements over the past year, took place at the Royal Festival Hall. Comedy […]

casting directors