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The Essentials
A young actress setting up her landscape phone on a tripod for a self-tape
6 Simple Tips to Make Your Self-Tape Sizzle
What you can do to avoid the most common self-tape mistakes. Every performer will need to film a self-tape at some point in their career, whether it’s for a role submission or to enter our ‘Into the Spotlight’ monologue competitions. Casting professionals receive hundreds of self-tapes for each role, so unfortunately they’re unlikely to engage […]
The Essentials
A cruise ship sailing towards the horizon while the sun sets
What You Need to Know About Acting on a Cruise Ship

Everything you need to be aware of before you set sail as a cruise ship performer, including contract details, how you’ll be taxed and life on board. Cruise performer jobs are a great way to see the world, meet new people and do what you love – all while getting paid. However, it’s a unique […]

musical theatre
An open Spotlight bulletin lying on a table next to a plant
An Update From Our Managing Director

On my desk in the Spotlight office proudly sits a bound collection of the first editions of the ‘Spotlight Bulletin’, the predecessor of our current newsletter. Published just two years after Spotlight was founded, the editions date from 1929-1931 and cover, in some detail, the events leading up to the founding of the British Actors’ […]

spotlight profile
An old Spotlight directory
The History of the Spotlight Prize

A look back at past Spotlight Prize winners and nominees, and how the Rodney Millington Award evolved into the celebration of talent we continue to host today. Not many companies can boast about having the history and reputation for quality that Spotlight has, and normally we’re modest to a fault about our prestigious past. But […]

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The Industry
A hand pointing a remote at a TV with lots of streaming options on screen
The Evolution of Pilot Season

​​​What is pilot season, how has the process changed with the rise of streaming services and why adapting to these changes is important for actors. Most actors may have heard the term ‘pilot season’ at some point during their career. It​ was once ​known as the busiest time of ​the ​year for auditions​ and many […]

karen johal
starting out
A script being held by a performer
July Direct Debit Update

Published: 3 July 2024 In light of the current economic climate, which has seen a global increase in operating expenses and the rising cost of living, Spotlight has endeavoured to implement only the most essential adjustments to our membership fees. We have kept our fee increases 9% below the rate of inflation for over a […]

The Industry
Lee Mead sitting at a desk in a police uniform as 'Eddie Souther' in 'Sister Act' on the West End
My Casting Story: Lee Mead’s ‘Sister Act’

Lee Mead shares his acting experience, from ‘Joseph’ to jumping into his new ‘Sister Act’ role, plus his vocal care tips. As a nation, we first got to know Lee Mead through the TV show phenomenon Any Dream Will Do, which saw Andrew Lloyd Webber searching for the perfect actor to play ‘Joseph’ in Joseph […]

musical theatre