Promoting inclusivity in our industry

We believe that our industry is in a powerful position to shape people’s perception by featuring a broad range of talent on our stages and screens, and through the stories that get told. 

At Spotlight, we believe that people of all ages, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and disability should be able to work successfully in our industry, and no one should be disadvantaged in any way because of any of these characteristics. We also know that this isn’t always the case, and that we have a responsibility to acknowledge and try to change systemic inequalities in our industry. 

Here’s what we will do to help: 

  • We are actively working on developing a new Spotlight platform, launching new profiles, search tools, and an improved Spotlight Link that will include more options for the way disability, gender and appearance is presented. This will help to ensure there is more choice for our members to better reflect their identity, and will help casting directors to find a broader range of talent to cast in their projects. 
  • We will empower our members, including performers, agents and casting directors, by providing resources, training and support to develop awareness of issues relating to discrimination, and tools such as appropriate language and guidelines relating to casting or working with specific groups.
  • We will ensure that, on balance, the people featured in our imagery, those who present at our events and panels and the topics addressed in our content will be representative of the diversity of our membership, including age, gender, disability and ethnicity. 
  • Where we hold in-person events or castings in our rooms and studios, we will endeavour to make these as accessible to as many members as possible. Where it is not possible to do so, due to the limitations of our building at 7 Leicester Place, we will provide other ways to access these events or auditions. This could include using our Digital Casting Service, live streaming or recording events, or hosting some of our events in fully accessible venues as we have been doing.
  • We will support our team to learn and develop their awareness of discrimination and the specific needs of different groups of our members. This will include ongoing training about unconscious bias, appropriate language and terminology, best practice and taking advice from experts.
  • We will actively seek to find people from diverse backgrounds as part of our recruitment process, to help ensure that we redress the imbalance that minority groups face with accessing opportunities within the industry. We will work to ensure our Spotlight team and management is diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, gender and disability. 
  • We will continue to support a wide range of organisations who are working hard to reduce inequality and disadvantages that some groups face in our industry. We will continue to work with groups in our industry to learn about the challenges faced by our members, to be able to identify ways that Spotlight can positively influence their experiences. 
  • We will use our influence with other industry organisations and professional bodies to ensure our values of inclusivity and diversity are aligned and positive change is promoted and championed. 

For a number of years Spotlight has been working to reduce inequalities faced by disadvantaged groups. Here’s what we’ve done recently:

We welcome your feedback and ideas on how Spotlight can continue to positively influence our industry to be more inclusive. Please email [email protected].