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We’ve launched our refreshed platform, which is the culmination of a huge piece of work for us, based on all the feedback we’ve received from the industry over the last few months (and in some cases years!). You’ll see some big improvements now, as well as additional enhancements over the next few weeks.


We have incorporated transgender and non-binary options throughout the platform – if you identify as non-binary or transgender, you can now choose to publicly publish your gender and any further information from an improved choice of options, whilst, if choosing not to publish publicly, can still be found by casting directors.

Sign into your account to change this on your profile. Go to ‘Update my profile’ and you’ll be able to do this under the ‘Edit details’ section ‘How do you want to be found on Spotlight?’. Make sure to also update your job filters too. If applicable, please discuss with your agent which gender roles you want to be submitted for in the future.

Please note – if you choose not to publicly publish your gender, it won’t be visible to casting professionals if they search by name, share the profile or add you to a shortlist, but you will always appear in the appropriate gender filters.

You can now choose whether you’d like to publish your disability(ies) on your Spotlight profile. Casting directors can now filter by a specific disability or all disabilities.

As with gender, if you choose not to publicly publish your disability(ies), it won’t be visible to casting professionals if they search by name, share the profile or add you to a shortlist, but will always come up in filters of the specific disability(ies). 

It is now easier to manage credit headings. Please check how your credits are displayed; you can also quickly manage which headings are visible, and the order in which they appear. Casting directors now have the option, on a profile by profile basis, to see credits with or without headings/tabs when viewing profiles.

Spotlight is mobile friendly and accessible:
The Spotlight platform is now fully mobile-friendly, helping you to apply for roles on the go with greater ease, whether you’re using a mobile phone, tablet or larger device. The platform is as accessible as an app!

You’ll see an improved look and feel when viewing breakdowns and, if you’re an unrepresented performer, when you’re applying for roles.

And more to come:
We’ll be able to add new features easily in the future. Later on this year, you’ll see some more improvements, including a new range of appearance options that better represent our members.

We will continue making improvements based on any further feedback. If you’d like to provide comments, please use the Hotjar feedback tool, which you’ll see on most pages. Using this is by far the best way to let us know how you find the new tools. Please do leave an email address in case we need to get back to you.

Please do get in touch if with any questions by emailing us on questions@spotlight.com.