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Performers take part in an acting exercise. Performers take part in an acting exercise.

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Mobile App

Our iOS app gives performers the chance to submit for roles on the go, configure their job filters, upload new headshots, with more to come! Download here.

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Talent Scout

If you’re looking for representation, we have tools that enable you to find, and be found by agents.

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Ethnicity or Heritage

Select from over 800 ethnicities and help Casting Directors find you for very specific roles.

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Member Assistance Programme

Health and Wellbeing support provided in partnership with Health Assured for members aged 18+ and residing in the UK and Ireland.
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* Membership discounts are available to deaf, disabled and neurodivergent performers. You can choose the option to apply for this during your application. Deaf and disabled performers are also invited to join www.profileperformers.com – a free video database service (both for actors and industry users) hosted by Spotlight and the National Theatre, designed to champion and showcase Deaf and disabled talent.

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Our Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria - Qualifications

You have at least one featured role with an Equity or equivalent union contract or two professional performance credits or have completed at least a year of full-time professional performance training equivalent to an RQF level 5 or two years of part-time training

Actor writing notes in a script

You have completed at least a year of full-time professional performance training equivalent to an RQF level 5 or two years of part-time training.

Membership Criteria - Recommendation

Or have been recommended by a Spotlight registered agent or a party that’s a member of one of the following professional organisations: Casting Directors’ Guild, Casting Society of America, Casting Directors Association

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I cast so many actors who do not reside in the states, I use Spotlight for all projects we work on. It's the easiest and most effective way to find talent abroad. It is great, easy and wonderfully effective.
Avy Kaufman, CSA, ICDA
In My Skin, Feel Good and Big Boys
Spotlight is the go-to and it’s really important for actors to have showreels on their Spotlight page.
Rachel Sheridan, CDG Casting Director
The Old Oak, All of Us Strangers and The Woman in the Wall
We use Spotlight as a searchable tool - we go through things like base, skills, languages - languages we’re doing a lot of that at the moment. We use it to just absorb information.
Kahleen Crawford, Casting Director