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Performers on stage.

Find out what you get with your Spotlight membership, and what we’re doing for you behind the scenes

Casting Opportunities

Spotlight works incredibly hard to promote as many professional acting opportunities for our members as possible. This covers everything from our ongoing technological developments to key partnerships we create, not just in the UK but also worldwide, to support the casting process and get our members seen.

Casting professionals cast projects via Spotlight in several ways:

  • We act as a messaging service for casting directors to send their breakdowns out. With a Performer membership, you have access to the Jobs Feed where you’ll see the jobs posted to all performers.
  • Another feature used by casting professionals is our ‘Search’ facility. Casting professionals can find performers for their next project by searching through profile filters (i.e. skills, credits, etc.), so having a profile live on Spotlight in itself provides you with major opportunities for casting.

Due to the nature of the industry, we know that many of our members will have periods where they may not find regular performing opportunities. Spotlight takes a holistic approach to our services for members, seeking to offer not just a profile for casting opportunities but also support in other areas. Here’s everything you need to know:


  • We run an increasing number of events for our members throughout the year, including workshops, 1-2-1s with industry professionals, and Q&A panels – all included in the cost of your annual membership. These range from accent and screenwriting workshops to Q&As with casting directors and discussions about industry issues such as diversity. Sign up for these sessions by clicking the ‘Upcoming events’ button on your account homepage. We also regularly share videos of our previous events in our newsletters.
  • We have BSL interpreters available for all our events and ensure as many of our events as possible are at accessible venues. Subtitles are always available on our webinars and workshops.
  • We work with our performer members and our agent and casting members to compile and promote helpful resources. We provide regular tailored events at our Industry Forums and recent topics discussed include Casting a Wider Net, Anti-racist training, the ethics of self-taping and sessions on contracts and agreements.

Supporting your health and wellbeing

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We have a series of Powerful Pause meditations available for members to listen to and a dedicated mental health and wellbeing hub to help members navigate their way in the industry.


From your account homepage, you can access an array of Spotlight discounts.

  • Discount options range from lifestyle, motoring and shopping to travel, insurance and special offers.
  • The TOTUM Pro discount card gives you student discounts on retail, dining out, keeping fit and much more.
  • See offers available through our Contacts listings. Many individuals and services on Contacts offer member-specific discounts.

All of these discounts can easily add up to the cost of your yearly membership.


Use our Contacts listings to find details for casting directors, agents, photographers, non-acting jobs, showreel companies and much more.

Easy ways to pay

When renewing your membership there are many options, including paying by monthly direct debit. Read more about Spotlight membership payment options and renewals.

Subscription Discounts

Membership discounts are available to deaf, disabled and neurodivergent performers. Please note these are not applied retrospectively. Contact us for more information.

Bursary Scheme

We have four rounds each year where applications open for our Bursary Scheme. We recognise that one of the biggest barriers to entry into our industry is financial and we want to provide more options to help performers on their journey.

Digital Self-Tape casting service

For casting directors who don’t want to hold face-to-face meetings we’re happy to help by providing remote self-tape casting.

Your Profile

Remember your profile can host up to 15 photographs and a media library of 20 minutes of both video and audio.

Find out more about how you can make your profile the best it can be.

News and Advice

Our news and advice pages host invaluable tips and advice on starting out,  auditionsmental healthcasting directors and much more, including videos with industry and Spotlight experts. There are also helpful articles about finance and legal matters.


Make sure you opt into our regular newsletters to get up-to-the-minute advice on upcoming events and new content. And be sure to subscribe to our regular podcasts and YouTube channel.

Specialist Support Team

We have a dedicated specialist support team with a wealth of knowledge in our industry and an acute understanding of how to get the best out of your Spotlight profile & membership. The team are available to talk through any queries you may have!

Working with partners

We are also proud to work alongside a whole host of industry partners. It’s important to us at Spotlight to recognise the work that these fantastic organisations do for our members. Initiatives with PIPA, who campaign for support for parents in the arts, and our joint work with the National Theatre on ProFile to provide a video database of D/deaf and disabled actors for use by casting directors and other professionals across the UK film, theatre and TV industries

Industry support and education

We’re passionate about supporting inclusivity, diversity and mental health within our industry and we support several charities and initiatives in this sector. We support a variety of campaigns and initiatives working to improve the industry we work in.

Find out more about the support we offer.

And what we’re doing behind the scenes…

  • We regularly attend industry festivals (including Berlinale, Passaporte and ICDN Sarajevo) where we raise awareness of our members by showcasing the Spotlight platform to international industry professionals.
  • We’re manually monitoring all breakdowns our members receive.
  • We’ve partnered with Stagepool, giving our members visibility in Scandinavia, and we are working on other areas where we can repeat this partnership.
  • We work continuously to improve the Spotlight platform – check our What’s new on Spotlight? page to find out the latest updates!

Not a Spotlight member already?

We’re always here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us!