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A guide to Spotlight for agents onboarding new clients.
A Guide to Spotlight for Agents Onboarding New Clients

Information that agents will find helpful when discussing Spotlight with new performer (18+) or young performer (under 18) clients Performers are largely responsible for their own membership with Spotlight however there are some things as agents, you might find useful to know when talking to your clients about Spotlight membership. This handy guide for agents covers […]

FAQs about Spotlight Membership and Eligibility Requirements.
FAQs about Spotlight Membership and Eligibility Requirements

What criteria do I need to meet to join Spotlight? Spotlight is for professional performers, so to become a member you’ll need: At least one featured role with an Equity or equivalent union contract or two contracted professional performance credits Or have completed at least a year of full-time professional performance training equivalent to an […]

Spotlight Casting Media Platform FAQs.
Spotlight Casting Media Platform FAQs

The Spotlight video tool allows casting directors to upload and store clips in your project folders. You can upload, store and manage all the videos relating to your projects in one place in your Spotlight account. These can be audition tapes, videos or self-tapes you have been sent. You can assign performers, breakdowns, roles and […]

Spotlight Data and Privacy FAQs

Welcome to Spotlight’s Data and Privacy FAQs which is a one stop shop to find out about your data, how we keep it safe, what your rights are and how you can contact us. To find out more detail please visit our Privacy Policy. About Spotlight’s privacy Who are we? Spotlight is a UK company based […]

FAQs: The Spotlight Link Jobs Board for Actors and Performers.
FAQs: The Spotlight Link Jobs Board for Actors and Performers

What you need to know about using the Spotlight Jobs Board We answer your most frequently asked questions about the Spotlight Jobs board, how to use it and how casting directors post roles and share casting breakdowns. What is The Spotlight Link/The Spotlight Jobs Board? The Spotlight Jobs board is the UK’s most popular casting […]

Gender and Disability FAQs for Casting Professionals.
Gender and Disability FAQs for Casting Professionals

We’re committed to improving the experience for all Spotlight members and applicants, especially when it comes to promoting inclusion and diversity in our industry so you’ll now see a wider range of options for gender and disabilities in profiles. Performers wishing to join Spotlight do not select a gender option when making an application and are therefore encouraged […]