Getting Started as a Spotlight Member FAQs

What criteria do I need to meet to join Spotlight?

Spotlight is for professional performers, so to become a member you need to have either formal drama training to graduate level, or have had paid speaking roles in at least four professional productions (in either television, film, short films on the BAFTA short film list, theatre or character driven voice work). You’ll be asked to provide evidence of your training and/or experience as part of your application. If you're struggling, here are some great tips to help you on your way.

What isn't a professional credit for Spotlight?

We don't accept short films (except those on the BAFTA Short Film list), student productions, commercials, music videos, promotional videos or corporate videos.

What can I do if I don’t qualify for Spotlight yet?

The best thing to do is to try and get some experience in the industry. There are various ways to do this. Contacts is a great place to start. You can look into full or part-time training courses. Or try getting some experience in and around Fringe theatres and building as many networks with other actors and directors as possible. We provide regular advice online with all sorts of information that can assist.

You can also take a look at our partners page, as there are a lot of organisations that we work with that provide training or performance opportunities. These are a great way to gain experience and hone your acting skills!

Like any industry you are new to, you must be prepared to give up a lot of your free time, often without pay or immediate reward. This industry is as much about tenacity and determination as it is talent, so learn as much about the business as you possibly can. Read plays, see films, know the people behind the production. Be proactive and stay curious!

Do I need an agent to join Spotlight?

Not if you’re an adult performer. You can join as what’s called a ‘Care of Spotlight’ performer. This means that you’re able to submit yourself for roles that are sent out by casting directors and, when you’re asked to come for an audition, the invitation will come via Spotlight and be passed onto you.

I have just joined Spotlight what information will I receive?

Once you have made a successful application to Spotlight, you will receive a welcome email with sign in instructions. If you do not receive your welcome email to your inbox, please check your spam.

How do I sign in?

To sign in, please go to the Spotlight website and click the sign in button in the top right hand corner and then press ‘Performer’. Sign in with your username and password. If you have any problems signing in please email [email protected] from your registered email address. 

How do I access my Spotlight View PIN?

To find your Spotlight View PIN, you’ll need to sign into your account, where you’ll see ‘Link to my CV’ in the left hand column – this will lead you to a page with a green URL in the centre of the screen. This is the link to your profile, which also contains your View PIN. 

When will my first payment be taken?

If you have not been a Spotlight member before you will be given a 30 day cooling off period so you will not be billed until this period is over. As a brand new member, you can cancel your membership at any point before the 30 days are up and we will not take payment. If you have been on Spotlight before and are rejoining then your payment will be taken immediately.

How do I ensure my profile is set up correctly?

Get your Spotlight profile ready for any submissions you or your agent will make. Make sure you have completed as many sections as possible and update your profile as often as possible. Set yourself a calendar remind to check it regularly.

The more information you have on your Spotlight profile the more likely it is that you will be approached for the right roles. Please ensure that you keep us up to date with any changes to your agent, contact details and payment information. Here are some  top tips and advice about how to create the perfect Spotlight profile.

Will my Spotlight profile be searchable by e.g. Google?

No, Spotlight profiles have never been publicly searchable. You or your agent (acting on your behalf) can choose to make a Spotlight profile publicly available by sharing your View PIN link on websites and social media.

I don’t have an agent - how will hirers get in touch with me?

If you do not have an agent you will be ‘Care of Spotlight’, which means you are self represented. If an agent or casting director is interested in contacting you, they will send their enquiry to Spotlight and this will be forwarded to you by email. We will also send you a text to alert you to check your inbox. If you are unrepresented, it is essential that you keep us up to date with any changes to your contact information. You can do this by emailing our updates team.

What I can expect from my first month on Spotlight?

  • You will receive access to the link board. If you are self represented you should ensure that you check the link board on a regular basis for any suitable roles. Go to the ‘My Tools and Settings’ area in your account to ensure that you choose how you want to be notified of suitable roles and what filters you want to apply so roles are as targeted as possible to your preferences. Please bear in mind that you will only be able to view projects listed from the date that you joined Spotlight. In such a competitive industry it can take some time to be approached about roles or be invited in for an audition so please do not be disheartened if this does not happen immediately.
  • If you are represented by an agent they will be able to start putting you forward for breakdowns they receive.
  • You can access Spotlight Discounts, which are now available online for most of our membership and can be accessed via your Spotlight account. Just click on the Discounts logo. You will then be taken to a variety of discount options ranging from lifestyle, motoring and shopping to travel, insurance and special offers. Please note that the Spotlight card no longer offers you discounts in store and that you will need to use the online site to sign up to discounts. You'll also have access to life insurance, a pension scheme, tax and legal helplines, and cover for jury service, all as an added, affordable benefits package.
  • You will have offers available through Contacts - an online directory of all things related to the industry. Many individuals and services on Contacts offer member-specific discounts.
  • You can access Spotlight Career advice - free of charge career advice sessions with an industry professional to help get the best out of your Spotlight experience, and advise you one on one.
  • We have a wealth of great information for you to help you on your way to a brilliant career in the arts, on a huge variety of topics. See all our great advice on Starting Out, Making Work, Drama School, Auditions, Mental Health, Showreels, Casting Directors, and much more. 
  • You'll have access to our great programme of Events throughout the year, including our very popular Open House - free to Spotlight members!

If you need any special help in your early weeks and months just get in touch.

How do I apply for jobs?

If you have an agent you will need to agree how you will be submitted for roles. Your agent has control over the level of access you have to the link board. You will automatically receive read only access, so please contact your agent directly about changing this. 

If you are a care of Spotlight member you will have access to the link board and will need to apply for roles you feel you are suitable for. You can do this by clicking on the breakdown and clicking on ‘submit profile’ you can include a covering note in the text box with any information you feel is important to your application. Keep this concise and relevant. If you would like to check the roles you have submitted yourself for you can do this by going to your link board and selecting ‘roles with suggestions’ from the dropdown box, here you will see a full list of roles you have submitted yourself for.