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CSA partnership launched on 9 March with Spotlight as Presenting Sponsor for the 38th Annual Artios Awards

27 March 2023

Casting Society is proud to announce a multi-year partnership with Talent Systems, the parent company of SpotlightCasting Networks, Cast It, and other talent discovery platforms. This partnership started with Spotlight’s presenting sponsorship of the 38th Annual Artios Awards on 9 March 2023. Over the next three years, Casting Society and Talent Systems will collaborate to provide Casting Society members with educational opportunities, networking events and panels, and programming curated to meet the unique needs of the casting community.

The 38th Annual Artios Awards returned with in-person ceremonies in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton Hotel hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown, in New York at the Edison Ballroom hosted by Amber Ruffin and in London at the Union Club.

Honorees included EGOT winner Rita Moreno with the Lynn Stalmaster Award, renowned and celebrated casting director Leslee Feldman received the Hoyt Bowers Award and Black Theatre United will receive the Marion Dougherty New York Apple Award. Simone Bär was posthumously honoured at the London ceremony with the European Capelier-Shaw Award for Excellence in Casting.

The 38th Artios Awards, first held in 1985, honours Casting Professionals in more than 20 categories encompassing film, television and theatre. In addition, special honorees are selected for their contributions to the craft. Nominees and winners are voted on by members of the Casting Society.

Pippa Harrison (Global Head of Industry Relations at Talent Systems) said, “We are thrilled to be supporting the CSA and for Spotlight to be the presenting sponsors of the 38th Annual Artios Awards. We look forward to serving CSA members with tailored programs of events, panels and educational opportunities. Together, we will continue to celebrate and champion Casting Directors across the globe.”

Destiny Lilly (President of Casting Society) comments, “We are delighted to have Spotlight presenting the 38th Annual Artios, our first show back in person since 2020 and we are thrilled to embark on this ongoing partnership with Talent Systems to further support and highlight the importance of all casting professionals. We’re also excited that Talent Systems shares our deep love and respect for actors and their craft.”

About Casting Society

Casting Society (CSA) was founded in February of 1982 with the intention of establishing a recognized standard of professionalism in the casting field and providing its members with a support organization to further their goals and protect their common interests. CSA currently boasts close to 1,200 members. CSA casting directors and associate casting directors/casting producers work worldwide, with members based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. CSA is a global resource for producers, directors and creative teams seeking casting professionals while promoting the image of casting directors and associate casting directors/casting producers worldwide, engaging in a number of charitable activities and supporting its members by sharing important and helpful professional information. For more information on Casting Society please visit CastingSociety.com.

About Talent Systems

​​Talent Systems, LLC provides a portfolio of products to source and manage talent globally across film, television, commercials, theatre and digital projects. Talent Systems is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and India. For more information on Talent Systems please visit TalentSystems.com.

Photo credit: Ryan Miller / Capture Imaging