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Find out what's new to Spotlight.com

Spotlight is constantly trying to improve services for our members.

Sometimes big features are released, but often it’s small improvements that make a big difference to the way our services are used. 

Check this page regularly to see what we’ve been up to and if you have any suggestions for further improvements please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Removal of 'no pay' and 'expenses only' roles

Maintaining the professional reputation of all of our members is incredibly important to us. As our industry continues to evolve, we no longer believe genuine opportunities are being offered to our professional members under the umbrella of ‘no pay’ or 'expenses only' opportunities. We have therefore removed both types of roles from Spotlight.

For performers and agents this means:

  • The filter settings page will no longer list 'no pay' and 'expenses only' as options
  • The unfiltered ‘all projects’ view will continue to show all historic projects including those with the 'no pay' and 'expenses only' categories.
  • If the user never had those options selected, then there is no change
  • If the user did have the options selected, the historic projects will continue to be shown in their filtered list

For casting users this means:

  • No new breakdowns can be created under 'no pay' or 'expenses only'
  • If a casting director has already started a draft using 'no pay' or 'expenses only', they will be able to send it. No new breakdowns can be sent using the removed options
  • Amendments cannot use the removed options at all

When: November 2019

Membership group: Performers and Industry Professionals

New client list tool for agents (currently in beta)

We have updated our client list tool for agents which now has a new look and feel, is mobile friendly and uses the higher resolution photos from the updated photo tool.

When: October 2019

Membership group: Agents

New photo tool for members

Acting on feedback from members, we have updated our photo tool so that members (in addition to everything they've previously been able to do) can now: 

  • Edit images i.e. crop, contrast, rotate, brighten
  • Hide, unhide and delete images in bulk  
  • Use the tool with greater ease on all devices, helping you make amends while on the move
  • Access much more photo guidance if required

When: August 2019

Membership group: Performers   

New website status page

We released a new status page which allows members to choose to receive updates as issues are investigated and resolved. 

When: August 2019

Membership group: Performers and Industry Professionals

Location improvements

Acting on feedback from members, we have updated perfomer profiles, allowing members to add up to three locations where they have a base and are able to work from, allowing them to be found more easily by casting professionals.

When: January 2019

Membership group: Performers and Industry Professionals 

New performance calendar

We have upgraded the performance calendar which is used by drama schools to let the industry know about their showcases, and by industry professional to apply for tickets.

When: December 2018

Membership group: Performers and Industry Professionals

Young performer agents can now send bespoke application links to parents

Acting on feedback from agents and parents, we have created a system to allow young performer agents to send out secure application links to enable parents to join their children directly and remove some of the burden from agents.

When: October 2018

Membership group: Young Performers and Agents

Members can now update their agent information

Acting on feedback from our members, we have empowered them to update their listed agents at any time.

When: October 2018

Membership group: Performers

New sign in system for agents

To ensure our users are fully protected when they sign into their accounts, we have upgraded our sign in system.

When: August 2018

Membership group: Agents                                

Email preferences

You can now specify which emails you’d like to receive and see how often we send them.

When: July 2018

Membership group:  Performers

British sign language training levels added to performer profiles

We have now included a new range of BSL sign language training levels for profiles, allowing performers to better show their level of skill, and making it easier for casting professionals to find the right performer for roles requiring BSL sign language.

When: July 2018

Membership group: Performers and Casting Professionals

Optional additional benefits launched for members

In response to member feedback a new package was launched offering a range of new benefits via our partner IPSE, including life insurance, pension, tax and legal help at a heavily discounted rate.

When: July 2018

Membership group: Performers  

Migrated Spotlight Specialists to Contacts directory

All our behind the camera specialists are now in one place at www.spotlight.com/contacts

When: May 2018

Membership group: Spotlight Specialists (e.g. Stage Managers, Choreographers)

Launch of monthly direct debit payment option

Spotlight members are now able to opt for monthly payments when they renew their membership.

When: June 2017

Membership group: Performers

Contacts online

A new online version of the famous handbook available publicly from our home page. Mobile optimised and containing nearly 5000 basic and enhanced listings it provides everything you need to know for a career in entertainment. https://www.spotlight.com/contacts

When: August 2016

Membership group: Performers, Agents and Casting Professionals