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The Spotlight reception area.

Spotlight Voiceover Booth

Spotlight’s brand new voiceover booth is now available for bookings!


When it comes to voice over work, we know that quality is everything. That’s why we’ve created our new voiceover booth, equipped with all the latest, high quality equipment for the perfect recording session.


The booth can seat up to two people, and is located at our offices in Garrick Street – just a short walk from Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and plenty of West End theatres!


It’s perfect for recording demo reads, voiceover work and podcasts.


For the great price of £70 per hour (VAT inclusive), here are all the amazing things included in your booking:

The Ultimate Podcasting Kit


Get broadcast quality sound for you and your guests when recording podcast episodes with:


  • 70 dB gain range
  • Two mics, two headphones
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • Camera connectivity
  • Stereo loopback
  • Auto gain
  • Mute button
  • Four voice presets
  • Vocaster hub

The Booth

High-quality recording microphones
Professional audio capture system
Cosy booth for two
High-quality sound proofing

Vocaster DM14v microphone

This microphone is perfect for voice recording.
Its focused recording means you'll capture more of you, and less of your room.
Make your recordings pop - without the plosives!
It's all ready to go with an XLR cable in the box.

HP60v headphones

Block out the world and focus on your recording.
With built-in plush pads for long recording sessions.
Hear your show exactly as your listeners will!

Voiceover Booth Booking

60 min appointments £70 per hour (VAT inclusive)

Voiceover booth suitable for demo reads, voiceover work and podcast recording! You'll be provided with all the latest high quality equipment for the perfect recording session.

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