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A group of people wait for a performance. A group of people wait for a performance.
Our Partners
Partners and Professional Associations

It takes a cast of people to put on a production and everyone plays their part, whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes. It’s important to us at Spotlight to recognise the work that these fantastic organizations do for our members, and people who are passionate about the performing arts. We’re proud to work alongside you to support our industry in the UK and Europe. We’re also incredibly proud to be part of Talent Systems, the leading technology solution provider for casting and auditioning to the entertainment industry.


Spotlight is recognized by the Casting Society (CSA) as one of the leading online platforms to facilitate the casting process for all mediums of entertainment, as well as an essential resource for talent in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe.

Acting for Others logo.
Acting for Others

AFO consists of 15 member charities, and between them they provide support for people of all ages who have worked in the entertainment industry. They help people in need as a result of illness, accident, old age or low income families.


Agences Artistiques / CCCOM logo.
Agences Artistiques / CCCOM

The Agences Artistiques network, run by CCCOM, helps to promote French performers to French casting directors. A member of Spotlight’s European network of casting platforms, French casting directors use Agences Artistiques to send breakdowns and search for the most talented actors in France and across Europe.


Casting Society logo.
Casting Society

The Casting Society seeks to uphold and honour the highest standards of professionalism in the casting field in television, film, theatre and new media; to advocate and promote the role of the casting director generally and within the entertainment industry while supporting its members to further their goals and protect their common interests.


Equity logo.

Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners. As well as negotiating working terms and conditions across the industry, they are a campaigning union who support the careers of professional artists, helping with legal matters, stage names, tax advice and much more. Members are at the heart of their organisation.


Federation of Drama Schools logo.
Federation of Drama Schools

Established in 2017, the Federation of Drama Schools provide conservatoire style vocational training for those who want to be professional performers, theatre makers and technical theatre practitioners, offering a range of different courses and programmes.


National Youth Theatre logo.
National Youth Theatre

NYT inspire, train, and showcase exceptional performers and theatre technicians aged 14-25 from Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Each year they reach out across the UK to discover diverse new talent. Their programmes Playing Up and NYT REP offer opportunities for up-and-coming performers from all backgrounds.


Old Diorama logo.
Old Diorama

Old Diorama Arts Centre is a creation centre: a shared home for the live arts, creative industries and local community to make, explore and meet.Our air-conditioned studios and offices are home to a busy schedule of rehearsals, workshops, readings, castings, film and photo shoots, and events.


Parents in Performing Arts logo.
Parents in Performing Arts

PIPA are creating a more inclusive, accessible industry by bringing together leading UK theatres and arts organisations as part of their campaign for equal opportunities and flexible working in the performing arts.


The Actors' Guild logo.
The Actors' Guild

On-going development is crucial for any actor to keep sharp. TAG offers a vast array of workshops in the West End (most of them at Spotlight!) and also at their hub in Manchester. TAG’s programme is genuinely actor led – and only those who work, teach!


Stagepool logo.

StagePool is Northern Europe’s largest online audition and casting portal. As part of our Spotlight’s European casting network, breakdowns are shared between Spotlight and Stagepool to help casting directors find the leading actors and performers in Scandinavia and all German Speaking Countries, and offer opportunities for Spotlight members to work throughout Europe.


The National Theatre logo.
The National Theatre

The National Theatre aims to reach the widest possible audience, to be open, inclusive and diverse, and as national as possible. It stages a broad range of productions in London and tour extensively across the UK. Their international activity puts some of the nation’s leading artists on the world stage, with productions playing on Broadway and touring across the globe.


TriForce Creative Network logo.
TriForce Creative Network

Through their work with MonologueSlam UK, where actors from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to perform in front of industry heavyweights, WriterSlam or their short film festival, TCN are dedicated to giving opportunities to people to work in the performing arts.


Professional Associations
Agents of Young Performers Association logo.
Agents of Young Performers Association
Casting Directors Association logo.
Casting Directors Association
The Casting Directors' Guild logo.
The Casting Directors' Guild
Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre logo.
Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre
Co-Operative Personal Managers Association logo.
Co-Operative Personal Managers Association
Personal Managers' Association logo.
Personal Managers' Association
Stage Management Association logo.
Stage Management Association
The ArtsMinds Initiative
Your mental health is really important.
That's why we've joined forces with Equity, The Stage and BAPAM (British Association of Performing Arts Medicine) to create an online resource called ArtsMinds to help performers and creative practitioners facing mental health issues. One in four people will experience mental health problems and it's important we can access the right support when we need it.
Go to ArtsMinds.uk
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