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A group of people wait for a performance. A group of people wait for a performance.
Our Partners
Partners and Professional Associations

It takes a cast of people to put on a production and everyone plays their part, whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes. It’s important to us at Spotlight to recognise the work that these fantastic organizations do for our members, and people who are passionate about the performing arts. We’re proud to work alongside you to support our industry in the UK and Europe. We’re also incredibly proud to be part of Talent Systems, the leading technology solution provider for casting and auditioning to the entertainment industry.


Spotlight is recognized by the Casting Society (CSA) as one of the leading online platforms to facilitate the casting process for all mediums of entertainment, as well as an essential resource for talent in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe.

Guilds and Associations
Agents of Young Performers Association logo.
Agents of Young Performers Association
Association of Voice Agents
Casting Directors Association logo.
Casting Directors Association
The Casting Directors' Guild logo.
Casting Directors' Guild
Casting Society logo.
Casting Society
Co-Operative Personal Managers Association logo.
Co-operative Personal Managers Association
Directors UK
Equity logo.
International Casting Directors Association
Personal Managers' Association logo.
Personal Managers' Association
Stage Management Association logo.
Stage Management Association
The Entertainment Agents Association
Other Organisations we work with
The Actors' Guild logo.
The Actors' Guild
Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre logo.
Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre
Diverse Actors Breaking Boundaries
Diverse Squad
Federation of Drama Schools logo.
Federation of Drama Schools
Filmmakers Europe
The National Theatre logo.
The National Theatre
National Youth Theatre logo.
National Youth Theatre
Parents in Performing Arts logo.
Parents in Performing Arts
Triple C
Work Up!
Talent Systems Family
Talent Systems
Casting Networks
Staff Me Up
Cast It Reach
Casting Frontier
Cast It
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