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Latest jobs cast via Spotlight include...

A Streetcar Named Desire, Black Mirror, Guardians of the Galaxy, House of Cards, How to Get Away With Murder, Legend, Peaky Blinders, Penny Dreadful, Shakespeare in Love, Suffragette, The Double, and The Imitation Game


When your clients appear in Spotlight, you can:

Get up-to-the-minute job information

Receive the latest job and audition calls using the Spotlight Link, the UK’s most popular casting information service

Raise your profile

Daily job updates via the Spotlight Link, the UK’s most popular casting service, exclusive to Spotlight performers and agents

Manage your client list via Spotlight

View, update and email your clients' Spotlight CVs. Or tailor a CV for a specific breakdown

Performance Calendar

Spotlight's at-a-glance guide to performances and showcases from students at drama, dance and stage schools nationwide

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