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The Spotlight reception area. The Spotlight reception area.

Spotlight Rooms

Spotlight studios are a modern, private space to hold your audition, run-through or production meeting. These spaces are flexible to suit any sized group from two to fifty people. A range of added services and equipment can be made available during your booking depending on your needs. Talk to us if your meeting has specific requirements.


Studio 1
Medium Dry Hire - £185 Half Day/£295 Full Day*
Studio 2
Small Dry Hire - £140 Half Day/£245 Full Day*
Studio 3
Medium Dry Hire - £185 Half Day/£295 Full Day*
Studio 4
Large Dry Hire - £225 Half Day/£345 Full Day*
* Listed prices are exclusive of VAT


Canon HD Camera and Tripod


Extensive waiting area and
reception space
Catering available (additional cost)
Flip chart and stationery
Client kitchen, coffee machine, tea and water fountain

Spaces starting from

£140 + VAT per half day

Open weekdays from 10am - 6pm.
Weekends and out of hours available on request.