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Two performers rehearse a scene. Two performers rehearse a scene.

Spotlight Premiere

A new membership for growth and development

Premiere offers a series of features and services to members looking for a little more in terms of support and further growth – professionally and personally.


Access the experience and wisdom of Spotlight’s internal experts as well as casting professionals for profile feedback and development guidance.*


Feel more secure in knowing that Premiere membership comes with insurance cover for business travel, coverage of professional fees for tax investigation and personal injury**, as well as a 24-hour hotline for health and wellbeing support.


There are also additional platform features that allow Premiere members to better understand how their profiles are performing, improve communication with agents, and to provide more insight into the popularity of some roles in their Jobs Feed.

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*Please note: Casting Directors and Project Owners will not know whether submissions for roles come from a Premiere or Classic member.

**All insurance policies have terms and conditions that are explained in links below.

Powerful features to boost your acting career

Mobile app feature.
Mobile App

Classic & Premiere

Our iOS app gives performers the chance to submit for roles on the go, configure their job filters, upload new headshots, with more to come! Download here.

Performer Insurance

Insurance cover for Personal Accident, Business Travel and Tax Investigation Professional Fees.

Profile insights feature.
Profile Insights

You’ll see how many views your profile has received and the number of searches and shortlists you appear in.

Increased media storage feature.
Increased Media Storage

Store more files and personalise your profile for specific roles by swapping out headshots and showreels.

Submission indicator feature.
Submission Indicator

You’ll be able to see roles that have received fewer than 150 submissions.

Concierge services feature.
Concierge Services

Receive one-to-one career advice from Spotlight experts and casting professionals.

Develop your career today


Introductory Annual Subscription Offer
£294 £240  / €345 €276 (inc. VAT) per year


£28.50 (inc. VAT) / €33.50 (inc. VAT) per month

Add on services such as insurance cover, career advice and additional features such as increased storage space and profile insights.
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* Membership discounts are available to deaf, disabled and neurodivergent performers. You can choose the option to apply for this during your application. Deaf and disabled performers are also invited to join www.profileperformers.com – a free video database service (both for actors and industry users) hosted by Spotlight and the National Theatre, designed to champion and showcase Deaf and disabled talent.

Spotlight Features
Spotlight public profile
Access to industry contacts
Development and events
Industry FAQs
Talent Scout
Ethnicity and heritage
Detailed profile stats
Performer search
Increased media storage
Submission indicator
Availability calendar
Industry Support
Group career advice
Spotlight Boost events
One-to-one care
Archived events
Personal accident insurance
Business travel insurance
Tax investigation professional fees cover
24-hour support provided by Health Assured

Concierge services for performers

Career advice

Book a session with one of our helpful Spotlight Career Advisors who are on hand each week to lend you their advice. Our specialist team is made up of trained, working professionals, and in-house staff members who have worked in the industry as agents, performers and casting professionals.

Industry feedback

We’re excited to bring you a special opportunity to connect with revered industry professionals as part of your Spotlight Premiere membership. Our Industry Feedback service is a chance for you to request constructive advice from industry professionals in a live online meeting space.

At certain points in your career you may find yourself in need of a little extra support. Spotlight’s Concierge services are designed to provide you with live, online advice when you need it the most.


As a Spotlight Premiere subscriber, you are entitled to claim 1x Career Advice and 1x Request Feedback session every 6 months of your membership, subject to availability.

Support and security as a Premiere member

Insurance cover
As a Premiere member you have insurance coverage for the following:
Business travel

All eligible members of Spotlight’s Premiere Plan are insured whilst travelling in Europe in connection with your Spotlight (performing) related occupation. The maximum trip duration is 30 days.

Only applicable to Premiere members permanently residing in UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.


Personal accident

All eligible members of Spotlight’s Premiere Plan receive 24 hours, worldwide Personal Accident Cover. This provides financial benefits following an insured accident resulting in temporary or permanent total disablement which prevents you from doing your usual Spotlight related occupation.

Only applicable to Premiere members permanently residing in UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.


Tax investigation

All eligible members of Spotlight’s Premiere Plan are insured for professional fees in handling certain investigations by HMRC into a member’s performing related occupation.

Only applicable to Premiere members permanently residing in UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Health and wellbeing support
Included in your Premiere membership is access to the following services supplied by Health Assured.
  • Unlimited access to 24/7, 365 confidential helpline
  • 24/7 critical incident telephone support
  • Up to 6 sessions of face to face, telephone or online counselling per member, per issue, per year
  • Legal information services
  • Debt and financial information
  • Family advice line on topics such as childcare and eldercare
  • Access to online wellbeing portal and mobile app
  • Self, manager, HR, physiotherapy, trade union and OH referrals
  • Full case management protocols for all structured counselling cases
  • Manager consultancy and support
  • Coverage for dependants and retirees (up to three months) within HMRC guidelines

Our Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria - Experience
You have at least one featured role with an Equity or equivalent union contract or two professional performance credits.
Membership Criteria - Qualifications
You have completed at least a year of full-time professional performance training equivalent to an RQF level 5 or two years of part-time training.
Membership Criteria - Recommendation
You can be recommended by a Spotlight registered agent or a party that’s a member of one of the following professional organisations: Casting Directors’ Guild, Casting Society of America, Casting Directors Association.
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I cast so many actors who do not reside in the states, I use Spotlight for all projects we work on. It's the easiest and most effective way to find talent abroad. It is great, easy and wonderfully effective.
Avy Kaufman, CSA, ICDA
In My Skin, Feel Good and Big Boys
Spotlight is the go-to and it’s really important for actors to have showreels on their Spotlight page.
Rachel Sheridan, CDG Casting Director
The Old Oak, All of Us Strangers and The Woman in the Wall
We use Spotlight as a searchable tool - we go through things like base, skills, languages - languages we’re doing a lot of that at the moment. We use it to just absorb information.
Kahleen Crawford, Casting Director