Spotlight's other services for agents

When you have clients in Spotlight, you can log-in to our website for the following services.

We will email your agency and you can set up a unique username and password to access these. This email will be sent automatically as soon as you have one or more clients in Spotlight.

Manage your clients and your agency:

  • View, update and email your clients’ Spotlight CVs
  • Keep agency details up-to-date
  • Create / update an agency password for maximum security

Manage Spotlight Link breakdowns / Spotlight Link Board Posts:

  • Access Spotlight Link breakdowns / Spotlight Link Board posts and suggest clients immediately
  • No need to have access to your email - use the Link from anywhere in the world, or when your email is down
  • Search archives of previous breakdowns
  • Search and review client suggestions you made in the past
  • Receive and retrieve audition sides and other documents for your clients
  • Control which agency staff can access Spotlight by allocating users of your choice

Click here to organise Spotlight membership for your clients.

Any questions? Please email or call 020 7437 7631