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The Spotlight Podcast
The Gamification of Cinema: Working in Interactive Film

Interactive film: We find out what it is, what opportunities exist for actors in this exciting new genre and what skills you need if you want to audition In this episode of The Spotlight Podcast, we’re joined by Harry Chadwick and Grace Chadwick, sibling founders of INTERFLIX Media to talk about the gamification of cinema and their […]

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The Spotlight Podcast
Tips for Using Spotlight When You’re a Self-Represented Performer

How to navigate the world of performing when you don’t have an agent, and how to make the most of Spotlight as a self-represented actor We’ve recently made some changes to Spotlight to make it easier for performers representing themselves to use the platform and self-submit for jobs. In this episode of the Spotlight Podcast, we’re joined […]

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The Spotlight Podcast
The Spotlight Podcast for Actors and Performers

The Spotlight Podcast, brought to performers and actors from the home of casting, is here to share industry expert advice and personal acting stories from the world of performing arts and entertainment In The Spotlight Podcast, we bring you conversations with inspiring casting directors, performers, actors, agents, Spotlight experts and theatre, film and television creators. […]

The Spotlight Podcast
The Spotlight Podcast: Female-led Creative Spaces and Improvisation

We talk to Notflix about improvisation and working as an all-female cast In this episode of The Spotlight Podcast, we talk to Aisling Groves-McKeown and Emma Read, members of the five-star, award-winning, all-female, improvised musical comedy: Notflix the Musical! We talk at length about the craft of good improvisation, honing your songwriting skills, as well as […]

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The Spotlight Podcast
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Inclusion and Representation in the Performing Arts

In this episode of The Spotlight Podcast, we talk to performer, theatre-maker and creative Edinburgh’s Programme Manager Zoë Alba Farrugia about representation and inclusion in performing arts and the importance of the artistic community Zoë Alba Farrugia shares her story about moving to the UK as a Maltese performer to follow her acting dream, the […]

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The Spotlight Podcast
Caring for Your Voice in Winter

Winter voice care tips and advice for vocal recovery after a cold or congestion. We asked spoken voice coach, podcaster and voiceover artist, Nic Redman, for her top tips for caring for your voice during the cold season and what we can be doing to look after our voices this winter. 12-minute listen. Episode Transcript Kristyn Coutts: Hello […]