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The Essentials
Spotlight members smiling and laughing at a workshop
5 Tips to Bring Comedy to Your Improv

Five practical tips for being funny and improvising well. As recently shared while teaching ‘Comedy for Actors’ for Spotlight, improv is a really useful tool – whether trying to be funny or get booked. Oddly, to be funny, you don’t actually have to try. Don’t try to be funny, sexy, or clever – because you […]

acting advice
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Actress wearing green looking at her watch to check the time
Top 9 Time Management Tips for Actors

Learn How To Develop a Routine That Suits Your Schedule Time management is essential for actors. Whether you’re on a contract, between acting jobs, or at drama school, you must juggle training, side hustles, auditions, upskilling and learning lines with a social life – all while looking after your physical and mental health. Without efficiently […]

acting advice
mental health
The Essentials
Acting in Soaps

Essential tips for working as an actor in soap opera Soap opera is the musical theatre of television. This is what people often heard me saying to the classes and young actors I mentored during my almost 10-year stint on Neighbours. When it comes to acting – whether it’s in a soap opera, film, television or even […]

acting advice
starting out
The Essentials
14 Tips for Finding Freedom within Self-Tapes

Leading acting and voice coach, Mel Churcher, guides us through the process of self-taping, and finding the freedom to act more naturally within it As well as running workshops and coaching a wide range of professionals for the past 30 years, Mel Churcher has also worked as an actor and broadcaster. Her session at Spotlight’s Open House drew […]

acting advice
The Industry
Advice for Preparing for a Showcase

We asked last year’s Spotlight Prize nominees what advice they would give to anyone preparing for a showcase. Here’s what they said… Look at it as an opportunity to do what you love doing. Nothing more. Get in there and have fun. Bounce some ideas around and bring some to the table. Adam Isla O’Brien […]

acting advice
Young Performers
Advice for Young Performers from the Industry

We asked some of our friends in the industry (and our in-house experts) for their words of wisdom for Young Performers based on their years of industry experience. We hope these are useful when you come to do your next audition or self-tape. It’s important to note that every agent can tend to work slightly […]

acting advice