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Getting Work
Actor reading a script with a camera recording him
Getting Started with Showreels and Voice Clips

Performer Success Manager Mel Brown’s advice on creating a showreel without professional footage and ideas for your ‘Audio’ section. As a Spotlight member, you have space on your profile for at least 20 minutes of video and 20 minutes of audio. That’s 20 minutes for various clips and reels – all of which can showcase […]

spotlight experts
The Essentials
An actor recording voice over in a studio
Everything You Need to Know About Voice Reels

Tips and advice for creating a voice reel, including how to make one, why it’s needed and what you should include in yours. Voice over is becoming more and more of an accessible and exciting platform, with a huge wealth of work available that gives performers another way to build a successful, fulfilling and varied […]

starting out
The Essentials
How to Prepare for an Audiobook Job

Skills needed to become an audiobook reader and 11 top tips to prepare for an audiobook narration job by Matthew Jacobs Morgan I adore working on audiobooks. It offers the opportunity to play a huge range of characters stretching far beyond your usual casting, and allows for plenty of experimentation with your voice. However, in […]

first person
matthew jacobs morgan
Making Work
Recording Your Voice at Home

How to record your voice at home and tips for improving the quality of your audio recordings Voice work can be a useful way of generating income, not to mention a good skill to have on your Spotlight profile. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s now easier than ever to record your voice in professional […]

spotlight experts
starting out
The Industry
The 12 Best Podcasts for Actors

12 of our favourite podcasts for actors to get acting tips, industry news or practical performing advice Listening to podcasts has fast become a popular pastime. They’re engaging, informative, and there are plenty to choose from. It’s estimated that there are now around 5 million podcasts worldwide, with 70 million episodes between them. A good way […]

natasha raymond
How To Perform Verbatim Theatre

Actor, theatre-maker and writer Naomi Joesph explains the different types of verbatim performance and shares her tips on how to get started in verbatim theatre. Verbatim is a type of documentary theatre constructed from the words of real people responding to a particular theme or a real event. These words might be taken from interviews […]

naomi joseph