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The Essentials
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How to Start a Writing Routine

Seven tips for creating a routine if you’re struggling to complete your writing project. While you’re not at the desk, you’re still working on your writing. Everything you do each day can inspire what you bring to the page tomorrow. In this endless lockdown, and with all that extra time indoors, there’s one thing many […]

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making work
The Industry
Working in Radio and Audio Drama

As the opportunities in radio and audio drama grow, performers can feel confused as to what skills are required. Award-winning audio writer, director and producer Jack Bowman gives his insight and explains industry jargon. Getting cast Voice agents are great to have but audio producers and independent production teams don’t always rely on them to […]

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starting out
The Industry
5 Reasons to Go to the Edinburgh Fringe

If you’re on the fence, here’s why it’s time to beg, borrow or steal a ticket to the Edinburgh Fringe… Every year, you probably hear about all those friends and loved ones on a pilgrimage to that little thing known as the Edinburgh Fringe. You don’t need us to tell you that taking a show […]

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edinburgh fringe
The Industry
A Day in the Life of a Casting Director: Sue Odell, CDA

Spotlight spoke to Casting Director Sue Odell on her hands-on approach to casting, the realities of a commercial casting timeline, and how inclusivity factors in… “I like to give [actors] confidence straight away – I try to find interesting types that aren’t conventionally pretty. I give them confidence by finding that something about them – […]

casting directors
christina care
Getting Work
Theatre Audition Tips with Ruth O’Dowd

Have you got a theatre audition coming up? Check out Ruth O’Dowd’s top tips for auditioning for theatre, from our latest Open House… Are you waiting for your next audition? Downtime is the perfect opportunity to rework those auditioning muscles. It’s easy as an actor to get caught up in your own head, especially when […]

christina care
open house
The Industry
Getting into Musical Theatre with Paul Taylor-Mills

Paul Taylor-Mills talks to Spotlight about his connection with Andrew Lloyd Webber, his time at the Other Palace and setting up the MT Fest… Spotlight spoke with producer, former Artistic Director of The Other Palace and founder of the MT Fest, Paul Taylor-Mills about working in the world of musicals. Paul gives us his insights into getting more […]

christina care
musical theatre