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The Essentials
Getting Back to Work After a Career Break

Performer and creativity coach Abiola Ogunbiyi offers practical tips and words of support for those planning a return to work after time away from the industry. Whether your reasons were personal, professional, or the result of a global pandemic, working your way back into the industry can be an opportunity to clarify your goals A career […]

abiola ogunbiyi
How We’re Supporting You Through COVID-19

Our members are always at the heart of everything we do and our passionate team have come up with a number of innovative ways to keep our performer, agent and casting members informed, connected and supported during this turbulent time. Here’s how you can continue making the most of your membership. Advice Sessions with Industry […]

The Essentials
How to Take an Amateur Headshot

Our guide to taking a suitable headshot when it’s not possible to get to a professional photographer. Casting professionals want a clear representation of what you look like, presented as a well-framed, good quality headshot. A good quality headshot is fundamental for any actor and a necessity for a Spotlight profile. First impressions really do […]

spotlight experts
6 Tips to Make the Most of Online Singing Lessons

As we all adapt to being indoors and using technology to continue learning, we share six tips to make the most of online singing lessons It’s very important that you also know what you want to get out of your session before you join. Do you have a technical goal? Do you need rep suggestions? […]

christie valeriano
The Industry
hero image
Books about the Acting Industry to Add to Your Reading List

Books about acting and the industry recommended by Spotlight staff. Time spent sitting with a book is never wasted. It’s a chance to relax, contemplate, and absorb information entirely at your own pace. When we have time on our hands it’s also an opportunity to branch out and learn more about any number of topics. There is a […]

starting out
New Voice Skills Added to Spotlight Search

We’ve been in touch with a number of audio producers and voice casting directors in recent weeks as we continue to find ways to keep our members working during this period. The feedback we have received has led to us to make some key changes and additions to the voice over skill set in your […]

spotlight profile