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The Industry
Nadia Nadarajah playing Celia in 'As You Like It' at Shakespeare's Globe, using sign language on stage
Working in the Arts as a Deaf Performer

The triumphs and challenges of working as a deaf actor, and the importance of deaf representation in the performing arts. My name is Nadia Nadarajah, and I have over 16 years of acting experience in theatre, American TV series, short films and a mockumentary. I’m a fully deaf BSL user and I very rarely use […]

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The Industry
The main cast of 'Silent Witness' standing by medical tools
Acting with Multiple Sclerosis

‘Silent Witness’ and ‘Luther’ actress Maria Miles shares her experience of acting with Multiple Sclerosis. When I was 16, I knew I wanted to be an actress, but achieving my dream wasn’t so simple. I was 18 when my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) began. Mountview Drama School wanted me, so that’s where I studied for three […]

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Young Performers
Kyrelle Lammy receiving an award on stage at the Black British Theatre Awards 2023
Succeeding as a Young Performer

Young actor Kyrelle Lammy on dealing with nerves, learning lines, and winning twice at the Black British Theatre Awards. At the Black British Theatre Awards 2023, we had the chance to talk to young performer Kyrelle Lammy, who took home the Disability Champion Award (sponsored by Spotlight) and the Best Supporting Male Actor Award for […]

The Industry
Closed eye with trans pride flag coloured make up on it
Understanding Trans and Non-Binary Casting with Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence shares their insight into trans performer rights and what language is appropriate to use in breakdowns and the casting room Trans people and the creative arts are natural allies. As such, Spotlight has been working with Gendered Intelligence to improve their understanding of diverse gender expressions within the arts. It was important for […]

casting directors
The Industry
Cedric Neal being interviewed at the Black British Theatre Awards 2023
The Winners of the Black British Theatre Awards 2023

Actors Jazz Lintott, Toyin Ayedun-Alase and Kyrelle Lammy win multiple awards at the Black British Theatre Awards 2023 On Sunday 29 October 2023, the Black British Theatre Awards 2023 took place at the National Theatre’s Lyttelton Theatre in Southbank, London. This is the fifth awards ceremony since the Black British Theatre Awards was established to […]

musical theatre
Performers sitting on the floor at an acting workshop
Spotlight Launches Improved Ethnicity or Heritage Feature

More information about Spotlight’s new Ethnicity or Heritage tool. Published: 20 October 2023 Spotlight is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Ethnicity or Heritage tool. This new profile feature allows our members to select and add their ethnicity or heritage to their Spotlight profile at a greater depth than ever before.  We […]

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