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A hand preparing to use a calculator next to a computer keyboard
Tax Tips for the Self-Employed Actor

How performers can register as self-employed and what is tax deductible as an actor. Being a performer requires a lot of work – you have to learn lines, film self-tapes and go to auditions – all while juggling the rest of your life. Self-employed actors in the UK also manage their financial aspects and are […]

starting out
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
An actor smiling down at a script
Spotlight Launches Member Assistance Programme

Everything you need to know about our free new service to ensure you get the wellbeing, financial and legal support you need. We at Spotlight are always doing our best to ensure you get the support and benefits you need, whether that be the latest industry news and advice, discounts, or a free year of […]

mental health
The Industry
Closed eye with trans pride flag coloured make up on it
Understanding Trans and Non-Binary Casting with Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence shares their insight into trans performer rights and what language is appropriate to use in breakdowns and the casting room Trans people and the creative arts are natural allies. As such, Spotlight has been working with Gendered Intelligence to improve their understanding of diverse gender expressions within the arts. It was important for […]

casting directors
Young Performers
What Parents Need to Know About Working with Their Child’s Agent

The AYPA’s guide to best practice for young performer agents, and what parents and guardians need to be aware of in the industry It’s extremely important, as the parent or guardian of a young actor that you do your research when looking for an agent for your child. Unfortunately there are some dubious organisations out […]

Young Performers
What Can Equity Do For My Child?

Find out more about the performing arts and entertainment trade union, Equity, and they can help your child if they’re a performer If your child is between the ages of 10 and 17, they may be eligible for Equity Child Membership and all the benefits that come with it. Here’s what you need to know! Equity is […]

Spotlight’s Bursary Scheme

We recognise that one of the biggest barriers to entry into our industry is financial and we want to provide more options to help performers on their journey. We have introduced a flexible monthly Direct Debit subscription, which is available to both new joiners and existing performers. We are pleased to announce that Spotlight’s Bursary […]