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The Spotlight Podcast
Breaking Down Barriers: Tommy Jessop Talks about his Journey

Tommy Jessop is the first actor with Down Syndrome to play the lead in a primetime TV drama, he’s also been in Line of Duty and is the first actor with Down Syndrome to be professionally cast as Hamlet, and become a full voting member of BAFTA. 16 minute listen or a full transcript of the […]

ilayda arden
The Spotlight Podcast
Transgender, Non-Binary & Gender Non-Conforming – Let’s Talk About It

We speak to Aitch Wylie (they/them), who is an actor, singer, and trans inclusivity consultant in the performing arts.  In this episode of The Spotlight Podcast, we cover some of the basic definitions and language used when talking about gender constructs and challenging them. We also discuss the importance of the arts in driving social change […]

aitch wiley
ilayda arden
The Spotlight Podcast
Making and Performing Comedic Work with Dave Hearn from Mischief Theatre

In this episode of the Spotlight Podcast, we speak to Dave Hearn, actor and co-founder of Olivier Award winning theatre company, Mischief Theatre. We discuss Dave’s journey with Mischief Theatre, from the early days of performing in rooms above pubs, right through to the West End transfers and TV commissions that followed. 54 minute listen […]

dave hearn
ilayda arden
The Industry
Exercises to Stay Creative at Home

Are you the kind of person whose creative energy is stimulated by being out and about with others? Struggling to find inspiration? You’re not the only one. Ilayda Arden offers up lockdown-friendly exercises to kickstart your creativity. Removing the pressure of having to share your creative endeavours with anyone allows you to be totally free. If you […]

first person
ilayda arden
Producing for the Fringe: The Not-So-Sexy Essentials

Spotlight’s own Ilayda Arden on the essential but not-so-sexy parts of the Fringe: planning, finances and admin! Ahhh, The Edinburgh Fringe. The daddy of all arts festivals. The one that ‘You Have to Do Before You Die’ (as people kept telling me years ago). But for performers who want to try their hand at taking […]

edinburgh fringe
first person
ilayda arden