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The Industry
Someone typing on a laptop at a desk
Top Tips for Creating a Professional Acting Website

An actor website can be a useful tool to help you to showcase the parts you’ve played and the performer skills you have. We share advice about how to set your website up and what you should include on it. ​​When I was in my last year at drama school in New York, I took […]

karen johal
soft skills
Getting Work
How Do I Market my Acting Career?

Casting directors and agents share their advice for how to promote yourself as an actor and why Spotlight is an important tool for this When it comes to the performing arts industry, you – the actor – are the product. And as with any product, marketing yourself well will increase the chances of the right […]

casting directors
The Essentials
Promoting Your Show at the Edinburgh Fringe

Tips for marketing and promoting your Edinburgh Festival Fringe show After all the hard work of funding, budgeting, and bringing your show to the Edinburgh Fringe, you’re finally ready for an audience. You have tickets to sell, seats to fill, and interviews to give, but none of this comes without marketing and promoting your show. It’s important to […]

edinburgh fringe
The Essentials
What to Do Between Acting Jobs

Four ways to stay active as an actor between roles. For years, I’ve been struck by how actors grapple with the period between acting jobs. When we’re looking for our next job, we can be plagued by self-doubt, loss of confidence and sometimes all-out depression. More than a few actors start to feel so low that […]

The Essentials
Checking Your Social Media Footprint

How you can clean up your social media history using Social Media Check. Can you remember everything you’ve posted online? Nowadays, we create a significant social media footprint and a post can say a lot about our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. We might have short memories, but social media doesn’t. We can all make mistakes. […]

starting out
The Essentials
Personal Branding for Actors

Speaking at a Spotlight Open House session, Charlotte Thornton gives tips for refreshing your personal brand as an actor. Firstly know that you are brilliant! Always hold on to that thought. But there’s no point being brilliant if no one knows you exist and you don’t get to show it. Marketing and promotion are vital for performers looking for […]

charlotte thornton
open house