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The Essentials
How to Prepare for an Audiobook Job

Skills needed to become an audiobook reader and 11 top tips to prepare for an audiobook narration job by Matthew Jacobs Morgan I adore working on audiobooks. It offers the opportunity to play a huge range of characters stretching far beyond your usual casting, and allows for plenty of experimentation with your voice. However, in […]

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matthew jacobs morgan
The Essentials
Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Agent

Tips to establish a healthy working relationship with your agent There’s nothing worse than an apathetic actor sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring and subsequently blaming the world for their shortcomings. If you are constantly out at classes or on set, you’ll be proving that you’re employable and hardworking. Matthew Jacobs Morgan […]

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matthew jacobs morgan
Tax for Actors: Get Your Tax In Gear

Cut through the tax panic attacks with these tips for all freelancers… What with us still reeling from the self-assessment deadline in January (or, what I like to call anti-Christmas) and going into a new financial year in April (or, what I like to call sad-new-year) what better time to dig our heels in and talk about our […]

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matthew jacobs morgan
The Unorthodox Actor: The Guide to Not Going to Drama School

Matthew Jacobs Morgan on taking a non-drama school route towards improving your acting skills One of the most freeing parts about being in control of your training is that you get to choose which techniques and practitioners work best for you and therefore what you want to focus on… Matthew Jacobs Morgan I only did one […]

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matthew jacobs morgan
starting out
Getting Work
How to Create Your Own Screen Work

Whether it’s for our own pleasure or going directly into your next showreel, Matthew Jacobs Morgan gives us the low down on creating your own filmed work If you have a good idea and an iPhone/camera, then the world’s your oyster… Matthew Jacobs Morgan Now is a very exciting time. We have the ability to […]

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making work
The Industry
LGBTQ+ Talent: The Importance of Inclusion

Matthew Jacobs Morgan on the difficulties faced by aspiring performers from the LGBTQ+ community, and how role models will aid inclusion and representation Note: I sometimes use the word queer as a shorthand for LGBTQ+ It’s extremely important to have role models who are like you. And the fact that there are so few LGBTQ+ role […]

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matthew jacobs morgan