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How to Make the Most of Your Spotlight Membership

All of the benefits of joining Spotlight and why a Spotlight membership is worth it Your Spotlight membership is more than just an online profile with access to exclusive breakdowns. It’s your gateway into the world of casting, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Here are all the ways in […]

Young Performers
Young Performer Support Hub

Welcome to Spotlight! This page is designed to support you on your Spotlight journey and give you and your child all the guidance you may need along the way. From refining their Spotlight profile to learning how to self-tape – everything you need is here. I’ve included some of my favourite articles and top tips from our expert industry […]

casting directors
The TOTUM Pro Discount Card Available for Spotlight Members

We’re thrilled to offer additional discounts through TOTUM Pro for our members TOTUM Pro is the brand new discount card and app for professional learners and members of a professional association, giving you access to fantastic discounts on 250 UK brands online and on the high street, such as 10% off Co-op, up to 30% off […]

The Essentials
How to Pick a Photo for Your Spotlight Profile

Tips to help you pick the right photos for your acting profile. You might be swimming in headshots, production stills, and Instagram selfies, but what photos should you include in your acting CV? In this video, we’ll cover: How to choose a good headshot Production stills What we definitely can’t let you upload Some very […]

spotlight experts
Making the Most of Your Young Performer Membership

With the new year now well underway, here’s a reminder of how you can be making the most of your Young Performer membership! Update your profile Your profile includes several key things every actor requires: information about you, your best headshot, and all your credits and skills. To make sure casting directors find you as […]

spotlight experts
Know Your Profile: What You Need to Make the Best Impression

Wondering what power your profile holds? Here’s the list of ways you can really make the most of your Spotlight presence With a Spotlight profile, you’re in front of some of the most important names in the industry – which is why it’s so important to get that profile right! So, how can you make […]

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