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Yasemin Junqueira performing a monologue on stage at the Spotlight Prize 2023
Into the Spotlight: Competition

Win a year’s Spotlight membership, £150 worth of self-tape equipment and a career advice session. Our Into the Spotlight competition is back with a brand new theme and a brand-new award winning judge!  This time, we want to see monologues or self-taped scenes – it’s completely up to you what you enter! What’s the Theme? […]

musical theatre
Young Performers
Matilda and her classmates peering over a stone fence in 'Matilda the Musical' film
Casting Young Performers in ‘Matilda the Musical’

Tips from casting directors Lucy Bevan and Emily Brockmann on self-taping and their experience casting young performers in the ‘Matilda the Musical’ film. In the fantastical world of film, it’s the casting director’s job to find the right actors to bring stories to life on the big screen. This task is especially important when the […]

casting directors
Getting Work
Senior actress setting up a camera for a self-tape
Tips to Improve Your Self-Tape

Our troubleshooting tips and fixes for common self-taping issues, including what the best colour backdrop is, and the ideal camera setting. In all our years of providing industry advice and helping performers improve their Spotlight profiles, we’ve seen a lot of self-tapes, and we’ve noticed a few recurring issues actors are having while filming.  From […]

spotlight experts
Spotlight members smiling at a workshop
How to Make the Most of Your Spotlight Membership

All of the benefits of joining Spotlight and why a Spotlight membership is worth it. Your Spotlight membership is more than just an online profile with access to exclusive breakdowns. It’s your gateway into the world of casting, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Here are all the ways in […]

The Industry
Meet the Casting Directors: Bernard Telsey and Kristian Charbonier

We catch up with Bernard Telsey and Kristian Charbonier to chat about casting ‘Theater Camp’, what makes for a good audition, and knowing when an actor is right for a part Bernard Telsey and Kristian Charbonier are prolific in the world of casting. Based in the USA, The Telsey Office cast everything from films, TV shows and […]

casting directors
The Essentials
Frank Advice from the Casting Director of ‘Vikings’ on Auditions and Self-tapes

Frank Moiselle’s top tips for how to audition well, how to make a self-tape, and what a good showreel looks like Casting director Frank Moiselle has worked on exciting projects, such as TV shows Penny Dreadful, Vikings, The Tudors and The Borgias. We spoke to Frank and asked him what advice he has for actors looking to get work through […]

casting directors