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The Essentials
An actress sitting at her laptop looking for side jobs
​​An Actors’ Survival Guide to Side Jobs

Potential side jobs for actors that can help you make a living while acting. ​​​When you ​​​​choose​​​ to pursue acting as a career​, there are many uncertainties in your path ahead. Financial instability is perhaps the biggest concern for many aspiring actors​​ and it’s common for creatives to have a hand in many different fields​ […]

soft skills
starting out
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Woman holding her hand up in a stop gesture
Advocating for Yourself in the Workplace

​​​How to recognise an unhealthy working environment and stand up for yourself when working as an actor​​. Unhealthy working environments can exist in any profession and unfortunately, acting is no exception. Whether it’s on set, during the casting process, or while you’re touring a production, you could find yourself in situations where someone or something […]

mental health
soft skills
The Industry
Someone typing on a laptop at a desk
Top Tips for Creating a Professional Acting Website

An actor website can be a useful tool to help you to showcase the parts you’ve played and the performer skills you have. We share advice about how to set your website up and what you should include on it. ​​When I was in my last year at drama school in New York, I took […]

karen johal
soft skills
The Essentials
Papers and pages and parcels spread on a table
Sean McGinley’s Tips for Learning Scripts

Advice from the ‘Braveheart’ actor on how to start your acting career and learn a script Donegal-born actor Sean McGinley has had a career that spans decades and roles in countless well-known productions, including Braveheart, Gangs of New York, Shetland, The Alienist, and, most recently, the independent film Wait for Me. We had the chance […]

soft skills
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Various plates containing healthy meals on a table
Nutrition Tips for Performers to Prevent Fatigue and Injury

What you should eat to boost your energy, stamina and recovery when acting and how to add variety to your diet Performers, we are artistic athletes. This means that we often have the same energy requirements as many athletes in professional sports but are in the unique position of having to balance those requirements with […]

soft skills
Getting Work
How Do I Market my Acting Career?

Casting directors and agents share their advice for how to promote yourself as an actor and why Spotlight is an important tool for this When it comes to the performing arts industry, you – the actor – are the product. And as with any product, marketing yourself well will increase the chances of the right […]

casting directors