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Woman pulling a yellow suitcase through an airport
Making the Most of Your Spotlight Discounts

How Spotlight members can use Spotlight Discounts to save money on everyday things. Life is expensive, right? That’s why, as a Spotlight member, I always try to use Spotlight Discounts as regularly as possible to save myself money on lifestyle necessities and luxurious treats. If I need to book insurance, go out somewhere fun for […]

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Actress Tracy Ifeachor in a crowd watching the Spotlight Prize winner be announced
Top Tips for Approaching Your Voice Reel

Advice from ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ voice over artist Tracy Ifeachor on how to make your voice reel stand out and why vocal training is necessary. In the world of voice acting, voice reels are your way of catching the attention of casting professionals. Your voice reel is your chance to showcase your range of […]

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starting out
An actor and an agent meeting in an audition room
How to Use Talent Scout on Spotlight

More information about Spotlight’s Talent Scout, how to opt into using this feature, and what to do if an agent reaches out to you through it. Spotlight has added a number of new features over the years. From discounts on services like gym memberships and theatre tickets to our recent Extra Cover Pack, each of these […]

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Getting Work
The streets of LA with the Hollywood sign in the distance
Signing with an Agent in the US

​​​​How to get an agent in the US and the difference between an agent and a personal manager.  ​​Actors are inspired daily by the television, film, and ​theatre​​ they see. With many of these productions being made in the US, America can be seen to ​offer a wide range of opportunities for British ​actors​​. Actors […]

starting out
Getting Work
Actor reading a script with a camera recording him
Getting Started with Showreels and Voice Clips

Performer Success Manager Mel Brown’s advice on creating a showreel without professional footage and ideas for your ‘Audio’ section. As a Spotlight member, you have space on your profile for at least 20 minutes of video and 20 minutes of audio. That’s 20 minutes for various clips and reels – all of which can showcase […]

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An actress sitting at her laptop looking for side jobs
​​An Actors’ Survival Guide to Side Jobs

Potential side jobs for actors that can help you make a living while acting. ​​​When you ​​​​choose​​​ to pursue acting as a career​, there are many uncertainties in your path ahead. Financial instability is perhaps the biggest concern for many aspiring actors​​ and it’s common for creatives to have a hand in many different fields​ […]

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