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Getting Work
The streets of LA with the Hollywood sign in the distance
Signing with an Agent in the US

​​​​How to get an agent in the US and the difference between an agent and a personal manager.  ​​Actors are inspired daily by the television, film, and ​theatre​​ they see. With many of these productions being made in the US, America can be seen to ​offer a wide range of opportunities for British ​actors​​. Actors […]

starting out
Getting Work
Actor reading a script with a camera recording him
Getting Started with Showreels and Voice Clips

Performer Success Manager Mel Brown’s advice on creating a showreel without professional footage and ideas for your ‘Audio’ section. As a Spotlight member, you have space on your profile for at least 20 minutes of video and 20 minutes of audio. That’s 20 minutes for various clips and reels – all of which can showcase […]

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The Essentials
An actress sitting at her laptop looking for side jobs
​​An Actors’ Survival Guide to Side Jobs

Potential side jobs for actors that can help you make a living while acting. ​​​When you ​​​​choose​​​ to pursue acting as a career​, there are many uncertainties in your path ahead. Financial instability is perhaps the biggest concern for many aspiring actors​​ and it’s common for creatives to have a hand in many different fields​ […]

soft skills
starting out
A hand preparing to use a calculator next to a computer keyboard
Tax Tips for the Self-Employed Actor

How performers can register as self-employed and what is tax deductible as an actor. Being a performer requires a lot of work – you have to learn lines, film self-tapes and go to auditions – all while juggling the rest of your life. Self-employed actors in the UK also manage their financial aspects and are […]

starting out
Actors running around the room participating in a short acting course at RADA
Choosing a Part-Time Acting Class

  What to consider when looking for a part-time acting course and how to choose one that’s right for you Whether you’d like to get a taste for acting, train to be a professional, or upskill while working as a professional actor, part-time acting courses have much to offer. They can help you secure a […]

drama school
starting out
The Essentials
Denise in 'EastEnders' walking through the market while Chelsea and Ravi smirk at her
How to Start Your Acting Career in London

How to become an actor in London, including where to find auditions, drama schools and the cost of living in the capital. London is the centre of the UK’s entertainment industry, making it a popular base for performers. Often referred to as the ‘theatre capital of the world’, it has around 40 theatres in and […]

casting directors
drama school