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Young Performers
Matilda and her classmates peering over a stone fence in 'Matilda the Musical' film
Casting Young Performers in ‘Matilda the Musical’

Tips from casting directors Lucy Bevan and Emily Brockmann on self-taping and their experience casting young performers in the ‘Matilda the Musical’ film. In the fantastical world of film, it’s the casting director’s job to find the right actors to bring stories to life on the big screen. This task is especially important when the […]

casting directors
The Industry
Actors Talk About Their Favourite Roles

Actors from ‘Wonka’, ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘Harlots’ tell us about their favourite roles from their acting careers. As actors, there are many factors that contribute to your overall professional experience when working on a production. While landing a role and having your talent acknowledged will always be considered a success, it’s the external elements that […]

spotlight prize
The Essentials
Rosalind Eleazar’s Advice for Spotlight Prize Nominees

‘Slow Horses’ star Rosalind Eleazar on what makes a good monologue and how to nail your acting showcase. Actress Rosalind Eleazar, best known for her role as ‘Louisa Guy’ in Slow Horses and ‘Agnes’ in The Personal History of David Copperfield, is a previous Spotlight Prize winner who returned to help judge 2023’s Spotlight Prize […]

Getting Work
Actor Amit Shah sitting in an audience of casting directors at the Spotlight Prize
Finding Acting Work Overseas

Tips on finding an agent and acting work abroad from ‘Happy Valley’ star Amit Shah. We know the nature of being an actor requires you to be ambitious. The industry insists on your pursuit and perseverance in finding and attending auditions; you have to carry that energy into acting jobs once you get them. As […]

Spotlight Launches Video On Demand Library

Performers now have access to a growing range of video-based workshops and seminar media. Here at Spotlight, we always aim to provide the best possible support for our performers. We do our utmost to support you with advice across various subjects on our blog while constantly evolving our service.  This is why we have launched […]

Getting Work
Still From 'Time'
What Casting Director Amy Hubbard Wants to See in the Audition Room

Audition room tips from the casting director of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Time’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’. During her incredible career, casting director Amy Hubbard has worked on various film, television and video game projects, including blockbusters like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, and hit television series like Apple TV+’s Hijack […]

casting directors