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The Industry
Between Acting Jobs: Juggling the Business and Art of Acting

How to balance the business and art sides of acting, and the importance of treating your career like a small business. Those of us trying to make a living as performers often find that there’s a tension between the ‘business’ and the ‘art’. These two ideas seem so much at odds – juggling both is […]

first person
john currivan
mental health
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Woman holding her hand up in a stop gesture
Advocating for Yourself in the Workplace

​​​How to recognise an unhealthy working environment and stand up for yourself when working as an actor​​. Unhealthy working environments can exist in any profession and unfortunately, acting is no exception. Whether it’s on set, during the casting process, or while you’re touring a production, you could find yourself in situations where someone or something […]

mental health
soft skills
Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Spotlight Launches Member Assistance Programme

Everything you need to know about our free new service to ensure you get the wellbeing, financial and legal support you need. We at Spotlight are always doing our best to ensure you get the support and benefits you need, whether that be the latest industry news and advice, discounts, or a free year of […]

mental health
The Essentials
How to Have a New Year Mindset All Year

​​​How to plan and achieve your goals, no matter what time of the year you’re setting them.​​  ​​As the New Year comes in​, many of us will be adopting the age old ‘​New Year​,​ N​​​ew M​e’ mindset. ​For actors, ​this means ​overhauling career prospects and aspirations​,​ and ​levelling​ up with work by getting organised. ​January […]

karen johal
starting out
Actors sitting and smiling at a Spotlight workshop
How to Make the Most of Your Spotlight Membership

All of the benefits of joining Spotlight and why a Spotlight membership is worth it Your Spotlight membership is more than just an online profile with access to exclusive breakdowns. It’s your gateway into the world of casting, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Here are all the ways in […]

Lifestyle & Wellbeing
Various plates containing healthy meals on a table
Nutrition Tips for Performers to Prevent Fatigue and Injury

What you should eat to boost your energy, stamina and recovery when acting and how to add variety to your diet Performers, we are artistic athletes. This means that we often have the same energy requirements as many athletes in professional sports but are in the unique position of having to balance those requirements with […]

soft skills