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Young Performers
A pirate ship lifting up from the sea while someone jumps onto it from a cliff in 'Peter Pan & Wendy'
My Casting Story: Noah Matthews Matofsky in Disney’s ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

Young performer Noah Matthews Matofsky on playing ‘Slightly’ in Disney’s ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ and how his mum and agent have supported him on his journey. Spotlight member Noah Matthews Matofsky accomplished every young performer’s dream when he was cast in a Disney film. Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy, a live-action adaptation of the classic […]

casting news
Young Performers
Matilda and her classmates peering over a stone fence in 'Matilda the Musical' film
Casting Young Performers in ‘Matilda the Musical’

Tips from casting directors Lucy Bevan and Emily Brockmann on self-taping and their experience casting young performers in the ‘Matilda the Musical’ film. In the fantastical world of film, it’s the casting director’s job to find the right actors to bring stories to life on the big screen. This task is especially important when the […]

casting directors
Looking up at books on shelves in a library
Book Recommendations for Actors in Training

​​​​14 books for actors to read during drama school training to help inspire and improve their acting skills​​. ​​The most imperative time in a working actor’s career is arguably the years spent at drama school. Within the safe perimeters of training​ and studying​ the craft of acting, ​drama students​​​ will learn to use tools and […]

drama school
young performers
Young Performers
Kyrelle Lammy receiving an award on stage at the Black British Theatre Awards 2023
Succeeding as a Young Performer

Young actor Kyrelle Lammy on dealing with nerves, learning lines, and winning twice at the Black British Theatre Awards. At the Black British Theatre Awards 2023, we had the chance to talk to young performer Kyrelle Lammy, who took home the Disability Champion Award (sponsored by Spotlight) and the Best Supporting Male Actor Award for […]

A group of young performers with their arms in the air
The Winners and Finalists for the Young Performer ‘Into the Spotlight’ Monologue Competition

We’re excited to announce the finalists and winners for the first ever Young Performer ‘Into the Spotlight’ monologue competition Following the amazing response we’ve had to our monologue competitions over the last year, we decided to launch the first ever Young Performer competition with three different age categories. Our Spotlight team watched every monologue performance, […]

young performers
The Industry
Posters advertising musicals including 'Kinky Boots'
Performing Musical Theatre with Matt Henry

‘Kinky Boots’ star Matt Henry, MBE, on his journey to the West End stage and what skills you need to succeed in musical theatre Matt Henry is an award-winning actor and singer, best known for playing ‘Lola’ in the West End musical Kinky Boots. He won both a WhatsOnStage and Olivier Award for ‘Best Actor […]

musical theatre